Yay! No nightmare again!

So why am I awake at 4:45 again??? My alarm is set for 5:30 just like it is every day. I even didn’t go to sleep until 11pm! What is my mind thinking!

I got text messages at 11pm and 2am but those didn’t wake me up. Anyway I have to work until 9pm tonight so once again, today is going to have to be a great day!

I have to take stinky down to the medical center for testing this morning. She seems to think leaving an hour before her appointment is too late. I got news lady. I have a kid that I need to take to school and I need to get gas in the car to drive you around so you are going to HAVE to deal! I’m not sure how long that’s going to take today. Let’s pray I’m done by noon with her!

Then I have Ms. S around 4 and regular Wednesday evening taking Mr. 95 year old to his country club to eat at 6. I may actually get time to myself today. I may not either but wouldn’t that be nice?!? I did get my measurements done so I do need to go by Home Depot and my Mom gave me a quite lengthy list since I mentioned I’m going. That’s it folks. I blogged 3 times yesterday so I’m keeping today’s short.

It’s just about 5am. I’m going to lay back down for 30 minutes and see if I can sleep a tiny bit more. Have a great Wednesday!

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