Yay for sleep!

I passed out around 9:45pm last night and actually slept until my alarm went off at 5:30! I am so happy! I’m eating leftover Mac and cheese for breakfast.

I got the Harmless Cigarette in the mail yesterday at 3:50pm and tried each one of the 4 different flavors and have decided that I like the cool mint and the oxygen. So here is yesterday afternoon/evening of smoking.

i have 14 cigarettes in the open pack I have. I smoked at 3:30pm. My first cigarette after that was at 6:55pm. My only cigarette after that yesterday was at 8:30pm. That’s it! This morning, I used the oxygen one instead of going out first thing so I just had my first cigarette at 6. I’ll let you know tomorrow how I did all day. I want to still have cigarettes left in this pack when I wake up tomorrow!

I only have 2 jobs today (for once this week). The first one is not until 10:45 with the couple so I have time to clean up at my house. It seems like my dog threw up overnight on my rug and floor (she probably ate grass). So that’s what I’m doing this morning. The first job may take 4-5 hours so I am thankful for this new cigarette I got. Then to go see Ms. S. Yesterday when I went to see her, the retirement home was doing a wine and cheese social along with a sing a long so I didn’t have to actually interact much. She did ask me who I was and what my job was. Yeah, she has definite memory issues!

My son was NOT happy that someone wanted to come look at our place last night. He said never let that happen again. I told him I can’t promise that since we have to sell this place. He had to stay at my Mom’s until 8:15pm. We weren’t supposed to be here until 8:30. She left a business card but it got trashed. She also took them to my neighbors place that is for sale too and left a card there too.

Y’all have a good day! I need to get dressed enough to take my son to school!

10 thoughts on “Yay for sleep!

  1. wow! So much change! Giving up the cigs?! Excellent, hope it works out for you, e-cig certainly smells better than the real ones 🙂 my partner smells of cherry cola haha! I think we should all eat mac n cheese for breakfast, look ow happy it has made you! Your posts always bring happiness, I love them 🙂

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    1. Thank you! I’m trying. These harmless cigs aren’t even e-cigs. They’re just made to look like a cig but no vapor, no nicotine, nothing. It’s to curb you of the hand to mouth a smoker is used to, not be a nicotine replacement. And I agree. Everyone should eat what they are craving! 😃


  2. I read somewhere that the first step in quitting is not smoking that morning cigarette so you’re getting close!! I’ve never liked oxygen cigarettes but glad to hear that you’re enjoying them, they have helped a lot of people quit. 🙂 Sending lots of luck your way! And you need to sell the condo–maybe your son should permanently settle in at your mom’s!!

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      1. Hey, at least you’re trying! I’d love to quit but don’t even wanna try. And may I add how cute it is that your son doesn’t wanna be away from you!? So sweet!

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