More work?!?

Today: Take Mr. 95 year old to work at 7:30. Then drive back and pick up Miss Priss at 9:30 and take her to run errands. After that, go see original cranky client to check on her after she started therapy, ho pick up Mr. 95 year old at work and bring him home, and then go see Ms. Forgetful (my new name for Ms. S!). So another day of crazy busy and putting a lot of miles on my car.

Tomorrow will be busy too. Then Sunday no jobs but tons of work at my Mom’s. The movers are set for the 14th. I have to get our rooms ready for the movers so I have to work hard this Sunday. I don’t have nearly as many jobs set up for next week but that could change in a second!

Speaking of the movers. I’m only paying them to move furniture. They charge $100 an hour so I want things to go quick. I talked to my friends and she said it shouldn’t cost more than $300 since it’s just furniture and it’s only a mile away. I need to move everything else still though. I think I will have to do that this week but if it’s crazy busy like this week ended up being, I don’t know when! Plus, I can’t move too early or I won’t be able to cook. I can’t eat out daily. That’s not good for anyone! Any suggestions? Here’s my list for the movers. Not much, right?

Queen temperpedic Bed

Dresser (no drawers)

2 side tables


5 cubic foot Freezer

Large Japanese screen

Dog stairs

Tool box

55 inch tv that’s on the wall right now

Coffee table


I talked to my man last night in Arkansas. He had his foot surgery and he’s now stuck there for 6 weeks since he cannot put ANY pressure on his foot during that time. He’s staying with his sister so they will take good care of him I’m sure. I bet he’s going to get bored though!

So I’m trying to quit smoking. Yesterday was really good for a first day of cutting back to quit. The question is, can I keep it up? I figure I have no choice once I move since my mom would have a conniption fit. After I posted last night, I realized I smoked 10 yesterday. BUT that’s HALF of what I normally smoke, on day one!!! The reason I’m blogging about it is because on here, I have like 110 people reading going – don’t smoke 🚭 or way to go! It holds me accountable and I might trick myself into believing people care. Something anyway!

So I know I haven’t been posting recipes I’m making or dieting or even exercise but you guys understand why, right? Once everything has settled down, I’ll go right back to my plan. Plus, one thing at a time! 😀 Have a great day!

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