One Lovely Blog award

I was honored to be nominated for an award! Thank you so much dtills AND Malavika! This is the first time I’ve been nominated for my daily rants so I really appreciate the thought! I will do my best to do this correctly. πŸ˜‚


7 facts about me:

I have a preteen son

I have the cutest most loving dog ever

I have the best gay boyfriend

I own my own business

I am an overweight smoker but I am working on both of those!

I love to bake for my friends, family, and clients

I am a Netflix addict

The people I would like to nominate:

Hunida’s blog

The secret life of a 30 year old


The perks of being different

The nutritious noodle

I love my shit life

16 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog award

  1. Thanks for nominating me! I will have a look into it πŸ’ͺ
    Also what us your favorite thing to bake?
    I love baking ;and eating) too! My favorites are:
    White macademia chocolate chip cookies
    Cinamon roles
    And classic apple pie πŸ€“

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