One more

Today I have stinky from 9-12. Forgetful from 1-2. Then Mr. 95 year old from 3:30-8:30. Thankfully, tomorrow is my day off.

I actually need a day off to not do anything but be lazy after this crazy work week. I text my ex yesterday and told him I will get what was needed from Home Depot and take it over to my Moms but I needed a day of rest. Yes, I really need to rest. I’m not sure if it’s allergies, a cold, or whatever, but I need to stay in my nice bed and not do anything for just one day! He replied, “I know what needs to be done so go ahead.” If he really only knew! My Mom will be there so I seriously doubt it will go as he expects! She will give him much more to do and work him like crazy. I’m glad though because if he wants to make $100 towards the car, he needs to get a lot done!

My son said he plans on spending the day at my moms today while I work too. That’s a good idea. I hope she puts him to work helping her too! Since I have to pick up a client in Galveston next Saturday afternoon, I put off my move until the 21st. I was very lucky that my moving company friends could move that date for me too! So now I have an extra week to get more stuff moved. My schedule looks light for next week but that could change at any moment!

So I’m a bit all over the place this morning after having my energy drink but before my shower. It’s about time to get ready so I can shower, go to the Home Depot, then take my son and all the stuff my Mom asked for to her house. After stinky, I will go by the bank too. She likes cash and it scares me to carry cash so I’ll deposit it right after I leave her place.

Have a great day!

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