Happy Columbus Day!

My life today has nothing to do with the holiday other than I won’t get my money deposited because of it! 😂

I wasn’t sure what to tell you other than taking Mr. 95 year old to work as usual and then something happened. At 1:15am no less.

I had just fallen asleep around 11pm. My phone rings at 1:15am. It is my caregiver who has not had a great weekend in the first place. Her car broke down on her way to work Friday and she had to deal with cranky being, well, cranky all weekend. The reason for the wake up call was that the cat had bit cranky’s leg and she couldn’t stop the bleeding. Me being asleep, I told her to call 911 because honestly, I had NO idea what to do otherwise. So I woke up a bit after hanging up with her and text her (in case she was on the phone with 911) asking why it wouldn’t stop since cranky doesn’t take blood thinners. So she replied that she got it stopped because cranky said she wasn’t going to the hospital over a “damn cat bite” in the middle of the night. My poor caregiver! I bet she’s ready to go home today but she has no car! I offered to take her home or to her car after I take Mr. 95 year old to work but I don’t think she wants to wait until I get back around 9-9:30. She said she will take uber. 😞 I feel so bad for her with all this and now today will be a long day and she probably just wants sleep!!! I know I would!

Before I passed back out (which took 20 minutes to get back to sleep), I text cranky’s son and let him know that this is the 3rd bite in about 2 weeks. We have to figure out what to do about this cat. He can’t be biting people all the time! He’s only 8 years old, is fixed, and has no front claws. He’s a Maine Coon so he’s huge though! Guess I’ll have to wait and find out what he thinks after his reply of “I’ll think on it”.

So if you’re off today, lucky you. My son has school and I have work so off we go!

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