Definitely a Monday!

You guys already know nothing goes as planned in my life. Especially work wise!

So my one hour job with forgetful this morning turned into a 3 hour job. Mr. 95 year old asked me to pick him and his son up later than usual when I dropped him off this morning and when I picked them up, they wanted to go stop to get dinner to go with them back to his place. And of course it was WAY out of the way but thankfully I know shortcuts around this city so it wasn’t totally awful.

Miss Priss called this afternoon and asked me to drive her to a party tonight since she’s going out of town tomorrow. I also have to pick her up tomorrow at 11:30am to take her to Galveston, and as many times as I have told her I have to back by 2, she just doesn’t listen! So I’ll need prayers for that. My son has an appointment at 3pm that we cannot miss! We shall see how that goes.

I also handed off cranky tomorrow to her caregiver to take to her eye appointment to make sure I’m on time to take Miss Priss.

So I’m parked waiting. She said she would be there an hour. We’ll see!

Have a good night. I’m going to try to!

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