Good morning loveys!

We are supposed to have a cooler day today and tomorrow here in southern Texas. It will be 83 instead of 94 like yesterday. I wish it would stick around! It will be back in the 90’s on Thursday. When will winter get here? It already snowed in Colorado yesterday!

I do not have to take Mr. 95 year old to work this morning. I do have to go make sure Forgetful gets down to breakfast at 8. The place she lives has her on a locked floor and hasn’t been letting her out to go eat in the big dining hall (they do let her eat – just on her locked floor) or go to any activities because she hit someone with her purse and shoved someone when they wouldn’t let her leave out the front door like she wanted. I feel bad for her step kids that are trying to take care of her too, it’s got to be hard. I truly believe that if she wasn’t confined, this wouldn’t happen. The place has decided to charge more and have someone with her all the time to make sure she can go do things. Good concept, just the charging them more drives me batty. Then, in a few weeks, they will move her to a different floor where she will have more options and not be locked up. She is very nice and VERY smart, just forgetful!

Then to drive to Galveston. I really wish I could just stay down there and soak up some sun and smell the ocean for a while but alas, I must immediately drive back to take my son to his doctor. Here I am the last time I drove her down there.

After the doctor visit, I’m off for the day. So of course, my ex wants me to meet him at my moms so he can finish my closet. That’s okay. I’ll just pack up some pictures and take that over too. Make it worth the time and all that.

So here we go. Have a great Tuesday! See you on the other side!

6 thoughts on “Good morning loveys!

  1. Yes. the calm…. Nice picture. It sure is nice that your ex helps with “honey do” projects. Thank you for what YOU do. Sometimes caring for others is thankless and no doubt you bring a sparkle to their days. Have a good rest of your evening.

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