So freaking busy

Wednesday’s are always busy but wow! Today has been nuts!

I grabbed a donut and energy drink at 7am and took my son to school. I took Mr. 95 year old to work at 7:30. I made it back with enough time to walk my dog but nothing else as I had to leave again. I had to stop and get gas and picked up Stinky at 10.m in West Houston. She had a bunch of errands to run and we didn’t get back to her place until 1pm.

I had to drive from West Houston (Dairy Ashford and Westheimer for those here) all the way down to Hobby airport by 2pm to pick up Mr. 95 year old! Eek!!! Thanks to the GPS app Waze, I made it with ONE minute to spare. Whew!!!

I finally got home around 2:50, walked the dog, and finally grabbed a bite to eat. As soon as I put a piece of string cheese in my mouth, my son calls and wants a ride home because he had to go to the bathroom. Uh oh. That did it. I had to go then too! So I told him I was in there and he needed to walk and I would come get him when I was done, which I did. We come back home, I make a dinner to take with me, and I head back out to see Forgetful.

Forgetful was at a sing-a-long having a great time! I waited and then we went to her room for her medicine before dinner. While she used the nebulizer, I pulled out the cat brush I had gotten for her. She loves it! She told me the cats really need to be brushed so I started with her fat cat. The cat even loved this little brush! The handle on it goes between your fingers so when you are brushing the cat, it seems like you are petting them. Really cool! The other cat didn’t come out to let me try it on her but that’s okay. There’s plenty of time.

I left at 5:28 and raced over to pick up Mr. 95 year old to go to the country club for dinner with his golfing buddies at 6. Please note none of these men actually play golf anymore. They DO get together for dinner every Wednesday though! So that’s where I sit now. I WAS going to take more stuff to my moms but oh well!!!

I hope your day has been more calm than mine! I am going to sit here in my car eating my strange dinner of honey roasted cashews, peanut butter, graham crackers, and gluten free Tate’s chocolate chip cookies (they’re the best). With a Pepsi. Considering I have eaten one donut and 2 pieces of string cheese all day, this is good!

Have a great evening!!!

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