Anyone notice?

I upgraded my site and it changed the name of my website. I guess that’s fine. Someone else must already have juliecares. Oh well. Now I can do more with my site! I’m a bit excited about it if you can’t tell.

I got over 1000 likes! Thank you everyone for liking my rantings!

Welcome to all of my new followers including CR, my young friend from the country club that I take Mr. 95 year old to every week. You’ll probably get bored reading about old people every day. 😂 I enjoyed meeting your significant other too!

Today is a WONDERFULLY slow day. Seriously! I have Forgetful this morning for an hour and taking cranky to her doctor this afternoon. That’s it! For once in 2 weeks! Yay!!!! MAYBE I will get a few things done at my moms. That would be nice. Most likely I will stay at home and relax though. I do have a guy coming to my condo to make sure I do not have foundation issues at noon but that’s no biggie. I can just sit there while he checks it all out. It sounds like it’s going to be a great day. I ordered my window treatments from Home Depot and they won’t be here until the 19th. We are moving in on the 21st so I will have 2 days to figure out how to install them. Eek!

Mr. 95 year old told me last night that I may not have to take him to work daily anymore. I would miss the extra income but it would help me so much! I wouldn’t have to figure out my schedule around his work hours. Wouldn’t that be nice? He said he will call me tonight and let me know. Please please please start driving him again!!! I adore the man but this has been really hard on me and my car! I’ve literally driven 1007 miles this month and today is the 12th.

I had to take a writing break to take my son to school. That was an interesting ride. He told me that he is going to be a lawyer. Good for him! Let’s not tell him the extra years in school, passing the exams, and working for 15-20 hours a day for the first few years after you get your degree and waiting to pass the exam. He told one of his friends that he would come to England to be his friend’s attorney there so I had to explain the difference between a monarchy and a democracy and why he would have to ask permission to practice law in Parliament. Teaching moment!!! He actually listened as well. He practiced saying your majesty and bowing in case he ever has to meet the Queen. I was so impressed! I really do have a great kid.

So I forgot to mention the man I met while Miss Priss was at her party the other night. I had walked down the driveway where I was parked to smoke and this guy comes out to his truck. Turns out he a 50 something pothead that works in retail and is trying to quit smoking cigarettes. Yep, he and I talked for about 10 minutes. I gave him a smoke, he had me try his vape thing, and he wants me to come to where he works to visit. Well… First of all, I don’t remember where he said he worked. Second, he was a bit too excited about seeing me again which always makes me wary. So yeah, I will probably never see this man again but that’s okay. Nice to meet people anyway, even if it was dark outside and it made me nervous.

Yesterday was National Coming Out day. I have so many friends that have come out to me but not their families. I guess it’s because they know that I don’t care what you are, I just care if you’re a good person. That’s a true statement. Color, sexuality, race, disease, whatever, I don’t care. I don’t see people that way. I see the person. Now it is true that if I see a young guy with his pants hanging low and wearing a do-rag on his head (no matter what race or color they are) that I will think he’s a bad guy. Those guys make me nervous. Everyone else, I’m just nervous until I get to know you. I have seen some guys that their pants are low and have something on their head (like a ball cap) and they’re fine. I’m talking about driving around the bad parts of town (Sharpstown for one here) where there is a lot of crime. Anyway, I have anxiety so yes, I’m nervous meeting strangers. So if you meet me, don’t take it personally! I have to say though if I read your blog and we meet in real life, it will probably be different since I feel like I know you already.

I’ve been reading a lot lately on this chronic fatigue syndrome ever since I saw one of my fellow bloggers went through a time where he couldn’t even move because of this. It scared me! I feel so bad for this sweet young man going through all this. Mine is not nearly that bad so I am blessed. There are different stages and different ways this affects you. But I am supposed to be careful as it could get worse. The doctor wants to put me on antidepressants because they are “supposed” to help. Do they? Really? Are you sure? I’m not depressed but you want me to take the meds for that. Hmm, I think I’ll go look into the holistic alternatives, thanks anyway! I’m just not a pill taker. I couldn’t even remember to take those weight loss pills like I was supposed to! So yeah, that’s my next step. After I am finished with my move, I am going to try to cut out a lot of sugar and soda and see if that helps. I’m sure it will. I believe sugar is making a lot of us sick. Yet I still eat and drink it!

That’s it for today. I’m thinking I may do a post on all of the cars I’ve ever had, how I liked them, and what happened to them. But that’s later. Hugs!

15 thoughts on “Anyone notice?

  1. Did the doc say how exactly the pills can help with chronic fatigue? Does sound strange. I have some autoimmune issues and sugar and carbs do have a huge effect on your body.
    I really enjoyed reading this post. 🙂

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    1. Aww thanks! I don’t think they really know but big pharm says they will so why not give them to people! If I didn’t need the energy to keep moving and working every day, I would give up on energy drinks now but alas, I need them until I’m done moving and cleaning my moms house. Then I promise, you’ll hear me complain about how I have a caffeine headache and wish I could have it! 😂


  2. Ah I wouldn’t take the anti-depressants if I were you either. I’ve heard they make people groggy and can make you gain a lot of weight, which you’ve mentioned you’re trying to do the opposite of. I think cutting out soda is a great idea! I cut out soda 3 years ago, it was the best decision I ever made. 🙂 Good luck, Julie. You can do it! 🙂

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