My lifetime of cars (so far)

This car story starts in 1989 when I turned 16. I was so excited about driving that I took my mother’s car and called it my own. It was a tank! A 1977 Monte Carlo red with white leather bench seats inside. It was a beautiful car! After about a year of driving, a friend and I were on the busiest Houston freeway (I45) driving home from someone’s house (I don’t remember who). A guy got in front of us and there was a car beside us and the guy in front slammed on his breaks trying to make us hit him (there wasn’t traffic like today). Luckily, my Dad taught me how to drive defensively and I swerved onto the left shoulder and avoided an accident. Both of those cars took off when I stopped. I was scared and pissed off. Another driving for a year and I was headed to this convenience store near my school around 10pm to buy beer (underage but never carded at this place) and a 1976 Pontiac came out of nowhere with no lights on and broadsided me. Since I was in this tank, I got off with a slight concussion but the poor car was totaled. I was very upset. I was out of it from hitting my head on the window and these 2 men came from a construction site across the street and picked my 300 pound ass up and called my parents. I think I was lucky that they could get me to their trailer and lucky they didn’t take advantage of me. I don’t know how they got the number to call either. Maybe I gave it to them. My Dad picked me up that night and then drove me to the police department to give a statement the next day. I had a description of the car (from the construction guys) and the men (from my memory of them screaming about who’s fault it was) and the police said they found empty beer cans in the ditch next to where I got hit but the guys had driven off and the police weren’t sure if they would get caught. I wonder if they ever did?

My 2nd car was sold to me for $400 from my grandmother. It was a sky blue 1978 Monte Carlo with white leather bucket seats. It was a bit smaller than the tank but still big. I believe she sold it to me in 1993. I drove it and loved it. I was doing drugs back in the early 1990’s and one night in 1994, decided after drinking a 12 pack of beer and smoking pot laced with coke, that I was going to drive home but stop at McDonald’s first. I took the freeway home from downtown and to this day I still believe if I had taken the exit to my house, I would have been fine. I took the next exit to go get food and there’s a slight curve at the end and I missed it, was going right for a sign, so slammed the wheel to the left, and ran right into the wall at 50 miles per hour. Maybe it was because I was drunk and high but I walked away from that. There was a payphone across the street so I walked over there and called my friend to tell him what happened. Then I saw police and a tow truck and walked back to the car. I don’t know why I would do that! It’s like asking to go to jail! I was very lucky. The officer gave me a ticket for not maintaining a single lane of traffic! Maybe my 400 pound self at that time scared him. Who knows! The tow truck said he would take me home as well. After picking up my car, he gets in his truck and asks me, “So how many beers did you have tonight?” I answer 3 and he says, “No, really, how many?” I walked away with my chest bruised with a steering wheel imprint on it. That was it. I went to see the car a couple days later and get my stuff out in the auto salvage yard and that poor car was totaled, I mean, totally gone. I don’t know how I survived. The entire front end was in the front seat! I quit using drugs right after that. It basically scared me straight. Poor car. I refuse to get in another Monte Carlo now because I’m afraid I will die after 2 getting totaled.

My 3rd vehicle was a 1993 Mazda B2600i. I adored my truck! I got my first job as a travel agent and got the truck used for $10,000 in 1996. I drove that truck until the wheels fell off pretty much! I drove my friends to Louisiana to go gamble (I don’t gamble but wanted to go), I drove to the beach, I drove to Dallas every month to go to the Deep Elum, I had the best time with that truck. No major stories with it other than my sticker on it that said Mean People Suck. If I didn’t drive people around in my car, I would so have that sticker again!!!

Then I traded it in for a 1999 Black Hyundai Accent. It was a 4 door and my cat at the time hated riding in it. I got married and moved to Colorado in that car. My snow pictures show a foot of snow on top of that car. It was great. When I moved back to Houston in 2000, my husband said it has too many miles on it and “you need to trade it in”. So I did. I wish I had never listened.

We went to the Hyundai dealership and got my worst car ever. A 2001 Hyundai Elantra. I wanted the car we test drove, the salesman and my husband said they were all the same, so we ended up with a total lemon. That car had problems from day one. I tried fixing it, spent way too much money trying to keep that damn car, but after my divorce, I was stuck with it for a few years.

Then came my son’s father and my being with him. He agreed that it was a lemon and let me do a voluntary repossession on it in November 2004. He drove me around in his truck and let me drive his truck until January 2005. I got a letter in the mail saying Capital One will lend you $10,000 towards a new car. I saw a Chevy dealership that was closing and trying to get rid of their cars so I went there. They had 2 cars left. A 2002 Dodge Neon and a 2004 Pontiac Grand Am. We looked under the hood of the Neon and saw electrical tape so immediately said no. The salesman actually tried to tell me it was supposed to be like that. I looked at him like, do you think I’m THAT stupid??? We went to the Pontiac and he (I named him Silver that day) was gorgeous. I wanted that car. They tried to tell me that I didn’t have enough and they couldn’t do it but I didn’t budge and finally got what I wanted. It had 32,000 miles on it and I loved that car. I drove it until just last December!

When I got my new car, my now ex husband decided he needed a new vehicle and talked me into putting my name on a 2006 Ford Ranger. Brand spanking new, great looking car, but in reality, we couldn’t afford both car payments and his truck was repossessed after we split. I am actually the one who told the people looking for it where to find it. 😂 I never missed a payment on my Pontiac! It really was a fun truck to drive. I refuse to own a Ford car but a truck by them is fine with me!

Last year, as my business was growing, I kept hearing from my Mother how I needed a new car and that mine wasn’t good enough for clients and “It keeps breaking down anyway!” Okay, so I DID put thousands of dollars into that car but that’s because I loved it! So when cranky’s son said he would sell me his moms Toyota Camry for only $3,000, I jumped on it. I sold my car to the ex boyfriend for $1,200 with monthly payments of $100 for exactly one year. Now I wish I hadn’t. My poor car! He broke the air conditioning that I had NEVER had any issues with, he changed some part incorrectly and now he goes through tires almost every month (I mean to the wires inside the tire), and he trashed it! I have always kept my cars clean inside. He has crumbs, clothes, trash, etc all over poor Silver! And I drive a Toyota that is alright, it’s good to use for a lot of miles, but I don’t plan on keeping it for a long time like I did my Pontiac. I hate the air conditioning in this vehicle and I hate that there’s all these stupid lights that are pointless, like the low tire pressure light. I have my tires aired up correctly and THAT’S when the light comes on. Toyota wants $150 to change the stupid sensor too. Screw that, I’ll deal with the light! The a/c doesn’t start out cold like my Pontiac did. It cools down as the car warms up. So it will be 100 degrees outside but the car is cold so you have HOT air blowing on you until the car has warmed up. Absolutely stupid. My mechanic said there’s nothing wrong with the system so he’s not sure why it does that. I hate that.

So there you have it. That took me an hour to write! I didn’t realize how much of my vehicles I remembered! I hope I didn’t bore you to death. I love cars and really do my best to take care of whatever I drive.

10 thoughts on “My lifetime of cars (so far)

  1. I am a SUV type of person. I love ho high they are. But it makes no sense to drive that in the Netherlands. The streets are terrible small there.
    I get to choose a car for the new job. My first car!! Havent decided yet on which one though 😱

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    1. Thank you! I’m looking for a small suv next. Something my clients can get in and out of easy that sits higher so I can past all these damn trucks and SUV’s in Houston! 😀


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