Oh Happy Day!

I almost forgot that it’s Friday the 13th. No wonder I’m so happy this morning!!!

Mr. 95 year old called me last night and said the place he lives is driving him to work today and that he will see me Saturday evening. Yay! Maybe my driving life will calm down a bit!

So my day today is not too bad now. Take the couple to the grocery store and other errands, take my son to his anger therapy session, and then go make sure Forgetful gets to eat and then go back upstairs. Not too bad, right?

I feel like I can do a sigh of relief but then again, I feel like if I do, he will call and tell me they said he was wrong and he needs me his morning! Just so everyone knows, I would go take him to work too. I like the man that much!

Yesterday, I took all of my pictures off the walls in my condo, and took them to my Mom’s. And now I have a problem. My house full of art will not fit in my one room there and my son only wants one of them. Now what do I do? You remember my trip to Ikea to get frames for my wonderfully cheap art from ART? I’m not giving those up! I love what I had done here art wise. Maybe my mother will give up a little space so I can hang something somewhere other than my room.

See, every day when I have time (so not tomorrow), I am taking more stuff to her house. Next Saturday when the movers come, the only things they will have to take is the actual furniture therefore saving me lots of money and time. I keep telling my Mom that once I’ve moved, I will have time to get things organized. I can’t stand clutter so you know I will too. She will have to embrace a little organization from me over there. When I go in there right now, I want to cry. Once I’ve moved, it will take a little time, but I will have everything in its place pretty quick.

Well! My son is just now telling me has nothing to take for lunch and no breakfast essentials for this morning. Crap. He didn’t tell me, otherwise I would have gone to the store yesterday! At least it’s Friday and he can get through one day of school lunch. So I guess I better get dressed and ready for today.

Have a great and happy Friday!

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