Last Saturday

Since we are moving next Saturday, this is the last Saturday in our own place. I talked to my son’s school and found that because I don’t own the house we are moving to, I have to have a letter from my mom saying we live with her and a tax bill from her showing she’s the owner plus another bill. That’s a lot of work to do so my son can stay at his same school! And we are zoned to that school and he’s a good student so you would think they would want him there no matter where we live. I wish I could get him in a better school, like a private one, but oh well. So I have to work on that after I move. I’m too busy to deal with that at the moment!

Anyway, my son is going to our new place today and I told him to do whatever his grandmother wants him to do. He will get community service hours and my Mom will have help. I really want her place ready next weekend!

Me, on the other hand, am busy as hell today! I have stinky for a couple hours this morning to take her to get her hair done. She said that’s all she needs so I’m driving a long way for very little money. I hate that. It’s just getting her hair washed and dried. Why can’t she do that closer to where she lives now? Why does she have to go all the way back to where she used to live? It’s a bit irritating.

Then to see Forgetful. Yesterday evening when I went to check on her, I brushed her fat cat and she and the cat loved it. Forgetful asked where the brush came from so I told her (again). She said her cats loved it and thank you! I didn’t have the heart to tell her that her step daughter-in-law gave me the money to go get it for her. But she’s very sweet and I do love animals so I just said you’re welcome 😊. Today I am going over there around lunchtime as that is the only time I have available. She liked that idea last night but when I go today, she will ask what I’m doing there. That’s a daily thing. She’s very sweet though!

At 1:30, I have to drive to Galveston to pick up Miss Priss and bring her back home. That’s going to take a few hours! She wants to pay me for the week today via credit card. Thank goodness for the square! It pretty much kills any tip I get with the 2.75% charge to use it but it is convenient to have the money go directly into my account and I don’t have to carry cash and neither do they.

Then Mr. 95 year old and Miss Priss are going to a new restaurant tonight for dinner. So that will take a few hours. So yeah, a long day today.

Tomorrow, I will be working at my moms some more. I ordered my blinds and asked my sons godfather to install them when they get here because ex boyfriend may break them. He actually laughed, agreed, and said he will be there and take care of it. Whew! I also told the ex boyfriend that he can finish my closet, get the rest of my moms stuff out of our rooms, and then go help her. I don’t want him ruining anything else. The top of my brand new mini fridge is disgusting from him doing the closet and he tried to blame my mother! There’s something stuck on the side of it now too. And my closet that looked decent the last time I posted? He screwed that up. He caked on more stuff and now it’s flaking off. He said “Oh. I just have to sand that.” When he sees how much, he will realize he can’t just “sand” it down. Wow dude. So I have to, at some point today, go get wall hangers so I can hang my art up in my room tomorrow. I don’t want ex boyfriend touching anything. I will take care of it.

Oh! I got a new client again yesterday. According to her son and daughter-in-law, she is an equal opportunity offender. She just hates everyone. She’s 93 and needs me 2-3 times a week to take her out of her nursing home to Whole Foods, the ymca, anywhere she wants to go for 4 hours at a time. Thank goodness I don’t have to take Mr. 95 year old to work anymore. I’m not sure I could take this job if I had to do that! So let me know suggestions on a name for this woman. I will start with her this next week or the one after which is good since my calendar is not too full at the moment! You guys know it will get full pretty quick though!

So I guess I should get up and get moving. It’s going to be a LONG day! Go ‘Stros tonight!!! Hugs!

7 thoughts on “Last Saturday

  1. I want you to take a deep breath and prehaps listen to the meditation below 😉 Every woman knows Ms.Stinky is correct when you find a good stylist you never leave commute be damn 😂. I hope you closet turns out and new names for your client I like Ms.H it can stand for hateful , hell no , help me….

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  2. That’s crazy all the hoops you have to jump through to get your son to attend the school he ALREADY attends!! Hope you get it all figured out!

    Ms. Forgetful stories are breaking my heart. 😦 You are so good with her. Will miss Mr. 95 yr old stories but I’m happy for you that that worked out how you hoped!!

    I can’t believe your ex messed up the wall in the closet?! WHY?! It was perfect…!

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