Last working Sunday (I hope)

So I made a list of to do’s for the ex boyfriend today to finish paying off the car he bought from me.

1. Shave wood off top of my son’s closet door so he can close it and open it.

2. Install plugs in my room.

3. Finish closet including shelves.

4. Take rest of mom’s stuff out of my room and my son’s.

So I send this list to my Mom and the ex boyfriend last night. The ex writes back and says that’s great and will be perfect for the 4 hours he has left that he owes me. My Mom never answers.

I slept in this morning, I didn’t wake up until 8:30! When I did wake up, I had 3 texts from my Mother saying she has a list for the ex boyfriend too. Well geez Mom, why don’t you pay him then? I paid for the car I sold him (I sold it dirt cheap too) and he is paying off the car in trade with work FOR ME so why can’t you pay him for what you need?

I hope the whole day isn’t like this. I need my stuff done since we are moving next Saturday. I don’t have any more time. It has to get finished. My moms crap is just going to have to wait.

I slept 8 hours but feel like it was 2. I am not refreshed, I am angry this morning, and I don’t want to deal with that. God help me if this is how it will be living there! I’ll be locked in my bedroom posting blogs while she’s screaming and hollering! 😂

I also have a ton of stuff to take over there but not today. I am only paying the movers for actual furniture that I can’t lift or have a big enough vehicle to get it there. Everything else, including dresser drawers, I will take. SO… I still have quite a bit to take! Mostly just the stuff I’ve needed daily while I was still living at my place. I guess I need to not go to Costco or the grocery store for a week or so and try to eat up all the food and use the toiletries we have here.

So I hope everyone has a great Sunday. You’ll have to forgive me for being anxious and cranky this morning! Hugs!

8 thoughts on “Last working Sunday (I hope)

  1. I hope this all ends soon and you’ll be happy living with your mom. Sometimes we need to talk… not yeal … with each other! Family members help each others and bad communication is also what families do! Maybe don’t stress about what mom wrote you! Just explain (again) it! 🙂 Deep breath is all you need!

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