Getting closer!

I am moving in only 4 days. I am getting nervous about moving now. With 4 days to go! What if my allergies can’t take her cats? What if I start fighting with my mother like I did most of my teenage years? What if my son ends up hating it? What will I do then? What if, what if, what if!!! As I lay here in bed after waking up at 4:45am (I don’t usually wake up until 5:30 or 6), I am plagued with what ifs. I have a nice warm doggy against my back and it is actually a cool 55 degrees Fahrenheit outside. That is normally my favorite way to wake up!

Yesterday, I went to see Indecisive and reset her Google because it wasn’t working properly. She called me at 9pm last night saying none of the links she put on her desktop are going where they were supposed to, they are all going to google. That doesn’t sound right. Resetting google shouldn’t take away what you have saved to your desktop, right? I hope someone here can give me an idea so I can go back to her place today and fix it.

And OMG, I went to my lunch with Forgetful, another lady in the home, and my German neighbor. So my neighbor and I get there early and they did not reserve us a table. So I had to ask for that. Then, they didn’t want to accept cash for my meal, they wanted to charge it to my client. Umm, NO! Then I couldn’t find Forgetful anywhere! I had 3 people looking for her too! Someone finally told me that she was getting her hair done so I had to leave the other 2 ladies and go upstairs to get her and bring her down. So she was about 45 minutes late to the luncheon I had very carefully planned out! It ended up being okay. My neighbor likes the other German woman at the home and said she would go back to visit her on her own which was why I introduced them, they are both from Berlin. Forgetful ate and then went off with a caregiver to her next activity. I was a bit stressed though!

Today are the same people plus I have to meet the exterminator at my Mom’s to respray for fleas (just in case) and ask him to spray all the ants in the patio and carport. So I thought I would do my day like this:

8-9 breakfast with Forgetful and her niece

Go by the house to grab stuff to take to my moms.

10-11 or 12 Exterminator

Make another trip of stuff to my moms

1-2 Indecisive to fix computer

After 2 – Sell my freezer that I just got a couple months ago (because I won’t need it at my moms) on Facebook marketplace (the only reason I still keep my account – once I have completely moved, I’ll probably cancel it)

Go pick up my son



Sound like a plan?

Smoking: yeah right, I haven’t quit yet although I am still only smoking about half a pack a day

Exercising: Nope! Too busy but I will get back to it. I think lifting and hauling things up the stairs at my moms is enough for now

Quitting soda: Not yet!

Son’s grades: He got 5 A’s and 3 B’s – am I a bad mom for telling him that’s great but he needs to study more and make all A’s?

So yeah. I guess I’m a bit stressed but everything will go back to normal soon. Right? Please tell me it will!!!

18 thoughts on “Getting closer!

  1. Slowly just switch to diet soda, you won’t notice the difference after awhile. No point worry about stuff unless it happens. The more you worry about ifs the more likely your causing the Ifs to become reality. As always stay sane.

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  2. Your son is doing really great at school! I think the best is not to push him but to motivate him!

    Oh yea, whenever I am going through a rough time, I always remember what a friend once told me: “In a few weeks/months you’ll laugh about this”.
    So yes, everything will be alright 😀

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  3. Exterminator!!!??? Are you sure?! Cause it’s chemical! And if you have problems with allergies, this also might cause an allergy. Also, it’s not good for the health at all! Imagina that your soda have dogs poop in it, and you can quit it easily 😉

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      1. Try to stay more than just a two hours. I would stay 7 days :). AND don’t worry, remember that your mom also needs you, so she won’t start a fight! Everything will be OK!

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  4. I was the “great grades and how can I help you with subjects x and y” kinda mom. Not sure what message that sent but now that they are done and in college-they are good on their own! Your son is killing it, good for him (and you!)

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  5. What if’s are perfectly normal. I had the opposite when I moved away from my parents and spent three days going mad that I’d made a huge mistake but all my worries were soon gone. Change is something we as human beings find very daunting to face but we seem to always make it work. You two will be fine 🙂
    And sounds like your son is doing very well!

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