My son is not doing well in Spanish. So I am going to print out some flash cards today to help him after my daytime jobs. I’m sure he won’t be happy but he needs to do a better job!

I am meeting with Insurance Man this morning to give him all of his paperwork that I had inputted into quicken for him in April. Why he didn’t get it before now I have no clue but I told him I’m moving and he has to come get it so he finally is. I had text him and called and finally received a response via text a week later!

Then to see Forgetful and check her out in therapy today. I just want to make sure it’s doing her some good. She still says she’s just checking the place out and will be going home soon. I wish her step kids knew how unhappy she really is. I just listen to her and commiserate with her, it’s all I can do!

Then taking Cranky to her cardiologist. I’m sure that will be a blast. “I’ve never gone here before! This isn’t how you get there! Why do I have to pay for parking!” Then when she sees him, “Oh! Hi! I’ve been meaning to come see you”. 🙄

And then of course tonight I take Mr. 95 year old to dinner at his country club. Maybe Mr. Bubbly will come too! I enjoy taking them and chatting with RC and the Valet there.

At some point today, I would like to take my frozen foods over to my mom’s. Yesterday I hung a couple of pictures and put a few things away in the bookcase. The room needs to be empty of stuff on the floor for Saturday when the movers come. I’m still waiting on hearing from the ex boyfriend to come finish my closet. I also asked my sons godfather if he could come on Friday. He read my text but hasn’t responded yet. I’m sure he will later. The Godfather doesn’t like the ex boyfriend so hopefully they won’t be there at the same time!

I also need to call the Salvation Army in 10 minutes to find out when they are going to my mom’s to pick up all this stuff she has for them to take. So another busy day but that’s okay, I must be getting used to it or something by now! 😂

Have a great hump day (even my bank this morning said happy hump day)!

9 thoughts on “Hola!

  1. Is Spanish the 2nd language you learn at school in the US?
    In the Netherlands it’s English and then we have to choose between German or French. But Spanish would have been nicer 😀

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      1. Interesting that Chinese is an option. When I was in school the choices were French or Latin. I thought to myself “What will I ever do with French?” and was considering medical school so I chose Latin. Now I live in Canada where the other offical language is French and if I were fluently bilingual I’d be able to work in Quebec as well as other provinces.

        Of course in Toronto it doesn’t matter what language you study, you will likely find someone for whom it is their first language. Hilariously, when I was learning French about 10 years ago, I could barely find anyone to speak it with. Not so with Hindi / Urdu – so many people in our neighbourhood speak it. Now the task is to just get to know people well enough to talk about more than what I am ordering at the restaurant or grocery store.

        Are there other ways he can get motivated to learn Spanish beyond getting a decent grade? For me to learn a language I really need some motivation like that. Are there people he would like to speak Spanish with, places he wishes he could go that would make Spanish more interesting? As he gets older he might also see the value from a career standpoint but that is likely still very abstract for him at this point.


      2. He wanted Japanese but since that’s not an option, he went with Spanish. We have tons of Spanish speaking neighbors but he refuses to talk to them. That drives me nuts.

        I would love to live in Canada so French is a good idea although you are correct, they all speak English as well.

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      3. French is tricky in Quebec. Many people in the cities speak English (Montreal especially) but get outside the touristy areas and you’re likely to run in to many folks who don’t – or who speak English as well as I do French. And when it comes to work, in most places jobs are very hard to get if you don’t speak perfect French. So while all of my colleagues in our Montreal office speak perfect English, I’ll rarely be sent to clients they are able to go to because I speak very poor French. The exception is when the need for my technical knowledge and experience exceeds their concern that I don’t speak French well. That has happened twice in the 13 years I’ve been working here. (The second time was pretty great – 8 months of all-expenses-paid work in Quebec City!)

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