Hey y’all

I just had to say HI this morning because I love that I woke up to 22 notifications of likes and comments. It always makes my day start out great!

Today 2 jobs, checking on Forgetful this morning and taking Mr. 95 year old and Miss Priss to dinner. Tomorrow I don’t have anything booked yet! This is a great thing since I really need to move most everything today and tomorrow before the furniture goes!

Yesterday, cranky surprised me. She remembered the doctor, knew the way I was getting there, and wasn’t actually cranky! When we were waiting to be called back, I got us both some hot chocolate from the coffee machine because the office is always a little cold. She seemed happy about that too. So yesterday was a good day.

Mr. 95 year old lost his credit card last weekend and wasn’t sure where (although he cancelled it right away). So I looked and also asked the Valet and RC to feel under my back seat to see if maybe he had dropped it in my car and it went under there. 1. We all put our hands into the seats and didn’t find it. The Valet found some piece of trash from sun and ski sports (not from me either) but that was it. 2. Why doesn’t the Camry have a way to pull the back seats down??? Isn’t that a safety thing? I even crawled into my trunk to see if there was a way to push them in and couldn’t do it! I’m going to have to ask the Toyota dealership next time I’m there.

I did get my extra freezer stuff moved yesterday and am now concerned that she won’t have enough room because I still need to move my regular freezer stuff and I almost filled hers already. I’m going to work on that today. The less I have to take there the better furniture wise. I just got this freezer 2 months ago but I have nowhere to put it at her place so I need to try. Maybe take food out of boxes and just cut the directions or something!

The ex boyfriend text me this morning to ask when he should come finish my closet. Even the exterminator that came said he did a shitty job and “why didn’t he clean up after himself?” My son’s godfather said he will come tomorrow and told me that it’s good I called him and not let ex boyfriend do what I need done, especially after the closet fiasco.

So while I was at my mom’s yesterday, I saw that the cats had found my dogs toys. Oh boy! So I took a picture of course. My dog will NOT be happy!

Oh! One more thing this morning! I got a cash offer last night on my place! Too low so we are counter offering but it may be sold! So it’s perfect timing that we are out of here this weekend! Y’all have a great day!

12 thoughts on “Hey y’all

  1. So weird that the car doesn’t have pull down back seats, there must be a way somehow! Hope you get everything into the freezer!!! How old are the cats? They look so small and precious! And wow, a cash offer?!? YAY!! I hope they can give you as much as you’d like. 🙂

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      1. Ooh that’s why they’re so small and cute lol I miss when my kitties were that small!! I hope they can do that for you! Fingers crossed!

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      1. Haha, I love reading your ramblings! They’re honest and real which is so hard to find on here. Lol maybe I’d even be able to finish your sentences. 😉

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