Houston Astros

Well guys, this is it. It’s the top of the 9th, in the bottom of the 8th we got 4 runs to extend our lead. We are now up 7-1 and in 2 more outs, we can force a game 7 to see who goes to the World Series.

I didn’t talk about my team while they were in New York because we lost all 3 games. So our home team came back home for game 6 being a game behind in the series.

I’m taking my time writing this so I can tell you when we win. Fireworks will be going off and most of the city cheering for our team. Especially the people that didn’t watch in the past years when we didn’t get this far. I did. I love baseball and love the Astros. You know you love your home team when you actually spend $100 on a brick at their stadium for your parents 50th anniversary gift!!! That was 2 years ago. My cousin has and his Mom have 3 there too. It’s a family affair, yes. Every time my cousin visits, we always go to a game. I go at least once a year no matter what.

Giles is pitching and he’s a pretty good closing pitcher. Unfortunately, the Yankees are really trying to catch up so they have 1 out and 2 guys on base. If we get 2 more outs, we win! Come on Giles! You can pitch strikes!!!

Strike 2 after a fly ball caught for the 2nd out.

So here’s the end. We…. WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We won 7-1!!!!!!! We RULE!!!!

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