I wish

I wish I could say I was relaxing today. I wish I could!

I am doing 4 loads of laundry. I am unpacking my car. I am organizing my room. I went to the grocery store to get lunches for my son this week. I’m tired. The cats keep eating my dogs food and getting underfoot. I’m trying to figure out if I have mold on my ceiling or just need to paint. My parents had a roof leak 2 years ago and my ceiling stains with a little black in a couple areas. So yeah, I just wanted to drop a line to say hello today but I’m going crazy today. I haven’t even started in the kitchen downstairs! That’s a whole project on its own.

I do have good news. I put my curtains up last night before going to sleep and it was so nice and dark in here this morning! Now, it was raining but still, it was nice and dark! And it was cold outside too and since I’m still in my shorts from yesterday (I haven’t brought in my clothes from my trunk yet) I’m a bit chilly but so happy!

20 thoughts on “I wish

      1. Yeah you can get stuff to kill mold or actual paint that prevents it coming back. Best to clean it first with bleach, let it dry then us the preventing paint and then paint over it once it dry

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  1. You can mix what is called kilz in with the paint and that will kill any mold if you have it but it looks like just water stain. So glad you are moved in. I love the striped walls!

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