So today I am reorganizing my mother’s kitchen. Here are the trash bags just in today’s trash pickup.

And I just started. Most of that is from her room. I’m pretty proud of her for getting rid of a lot of stuff she doesn’t use or need. Now I hope she feels the same with her kitchen because that’s about to go through the same thing. She has 2 cabinets full of those plastic cups with lids. 2 full cabinets!!!

I already moved some stuff around and threw stuff out and put most of my stuff away. But there’s SO much more! I am going to get rid of any tools that are rusted. I will throw out old cleaning stuff (I brought my new ones plus she has a maid!) and throw out any old bug spray. Where she used to keep her washer and dryer, she has stuffed full of crap so there’s that to go through plus the pantry which is full too. It’s a big job and I’m going to try to do it all today.

I only have to go see Forgetful today so I have time to do this. Just hope she doesn’t notice how much goes missing. 😂

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