It’s early here

I say here because I know I have Reader’s from all over the world. It’s 5:30am. I woke up at 3 and again at 5. I’m not sure if it’s allergies, I’m sick (and will never admit it), or my body just said I’ve had enough sleep. I feel like poo poo. I have 3 jobs today too, of course. Right after I woke up, I heard the back gate closing. Not sure what that was about! The back door is locked, and we are all here and nobody is in the house. Maybe the wind? Scary though and I’m not used to that.

I did not finish the kitchen yesterday but I did do a lot. I had to stop to go to work and then didn’t come home for hours so I’ll get back to it when I’m not working. I’m sure my mother isn’t happy how I left it! 😂

I get to go on a mini shopping spree with a clients credit card to buy stuff for a cat. Cranky’s cat has started biting and chasing the caregivers around the house. I called the vet and she said to 1. Buy a collar with a bell so we know where he is at all times and he can’t sneak up on us. 2. But a tall cat condo so he has a perch to get away from everyone. 3. A cat diffuser to help calm him (one for each room). 4. A cat food puzzle to make him work for food. The vet said if this doesn’t work after 2 weeks, I will have to bring him in for blood work and a urine test to find out what’s wrong with him. Cranky’s son is okay with this because the vet didn’t just say, “We have to put the cat down.” I agree and don’t want Cranky to lose her cat but I swear, that cat is MEAN! The vet wanted me to get a bird feeder but I have to find out if her high rise allows that first.

I spoke with Forgetful’s step daughter in law and she asked that I go at a meal time each day to make sure she has company and is making friends. I went at lunchtime yesterday and we sat with a group of ladies that told me they didn’t like her because she is not cheery and happy. I tried to explain that I know she isn’t their old friend that passed away (she was always sweet and smiling) but that Forgetful just didn’t understand that this is her life now and we are trying to make her comfortable and make friends. So maybe because I was there or they are willing to give her a chance, we sat with these ladies and had a good lunch. I always try to include everyone in any conversation so it went pretty well. I had my moving stories to tell so I even got a few laughs. So I’ll go again at lunch today and see what happens.

The couple called me last night and asked if I was all moved in. I thought I would hear from them soon, it’s been about a week. So I’m taking him to the grocery store his afternoon. I need to plan on taking him the day after Halloween because I know he loves half off prices on candy!

Speaking of candy, I have no clue if kids come here anymore trick or treating. I bought a few bags of candy that my son likes just in case. That way, if there are no kids, my son gets the candy. It will probably last him a year but it will be here if he has friends over or just gets an inkling for something sweet.

The Godfather is coming by this morning too. He is going to fix my shower head, put up my son’s curtains, and he was going to put my tv on the wall but I don’t need that. Plus I’ll be in a rush to go shopping when he gets here so at least I won’t have to pay much for the help! He only charges me $20 an hour for handyman type stuff but after moving, I’m a bit busted.

That’s it! I cut back on smoking because I’m having so many allergy issues that I can’t breathe anyway but still smoking when I’m not at home. Going up and down these stairs must be giving my legs a good workout daily too. I’m definitely not used to that!

7 thoughts on “It’s early here

  1. Do you think maybe you’re a bit stressed from the move, your clients, etc? Sometimes when I am stressed I wake up at staggered times as well or I’ll wake up at four and just wait two hours for the alarm to go off because I can’t get back to sleep.
    Halloween isn’t a holiday I particularly like. I think it’s a bit invasive and probably a bit intimidating for people who live on their own! I’m on the top floor flat though so it’s alright for me I guess. Then again, I feel the same way about Christmas carollers! Maybe I’m just a hermit lol.

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