Life as I know it

So yesterday, I told you how I went to clean out the condo. I wonder if the person that went to look at it at noon likes it. I went to have lunch with Forgetful and sat downstairs waiting for her for 45 minutes until I went looking for her. I finally found her in the therapy room. Come to find out, she wouldn’t leave her group that morning so they did therapy after which made her have lunch late. So I told her I would actually eat with her today so she needed to come down at 11:30. I also got the caregivers phone number so I can find out where she is when I get there.

The couple asked me to bring them barbecue from their favorite spot one day as well as these frozen chocolate croissants from Trader Joe’s. I can do the croissants, but they spend like $50 each time they get barbecue and I just don’t have that! So after I work 12 hours tomorrow, maybe I can afford it on Sunday. We shall see. Bills are coming in as well, not fun.

I woke up on my own at 5am. I went to bed around 10:30pm. That’s only 6.5 hours of sleep. I’m glad I don’t have much today. Why is it that there is a lot to do in this house but when my mother is here, I stay in my room and it’s not getting finished? Yes, I have been a bit depressed about living with my mother again but I know why. I am avoiding her I guess. Still smoking, still drinking my energy drinks. Still out of breath when I run up the stairs too. Of course that has to do with allergies as well.

Last night I left my room around 10pm to use the facilities. The mostly black cat ran up and started rubbing on my legs. He followed me into the bathroom and watched me go. Then he stayed under my legs back out of the bathroom and wouldn’t let me in my room without him. He ran in here even after I tried to trick him into going into another room. So I hastily picked up the dogs food so he couldn’t eat it. Then I stood at my door trying desperately to get him out. It finally worked but only after I went back out into the hallway myself. My poor dog smelled her, woke up, and started getting antsy. She was sitting up in the bed and not until I got him out of here did she calm back down. Poor dog. I hope she didn’t think I was going to let him sleep with us! I couldn’t if I wanted to.

I have ordered a HEPA machine on Monday to help in my room with allergies. It was supposed to be here today but I checked tracking and now it says Monday! Dammit Walmart, get your shipping under control! I ordered curtains for my son’s room from Bed Bath and Beyond yesterday and it says they will be here Monday. That’s how it should be! Also, I’m loving my shower now and so is my son. He is very happy here in his own room.

My mother seems to have stopped cleaning for now as well. The maid came yesterday and mentioned that it didn’t look like she had done anything since they had come the week before. I have been doing my own thing so I have no clue. I don’t go in her room unless I have to. Here is the top of her armoire after the maid tried her best to clean all the dust off. She wants to store stuff up there. Umm, Mom? Where? The light fixtures kind of take up all the space!

I have not heard my son’s alarm clock go off and he needs to get up for school so I will go for now. Hugs!

8 thoughts on “Life as I know it

  1. When the cat rubs on your legs he is marking you as safe for him to be by!! Hahaha, he LOVES you already. 🙂 Lol it’s funny how they always said dogs chase cats but every time I’ve witnessed cats and dogs meeting–the dog is the one that is afraid! Hope the HEPA machine gets there soon and that it helps with your allergies!!

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