Happy Saturday although not really

Good morning! It’s finally cold here in Houston! It’s in the 40’s and will warm up into the 60’s today. That’s Fahrenheit too. 6 Celsius with a high of 16. Its great! My nipples feel like they will fall off because this the first actual cold day but that feeling will go away (next summer 😜).

Last night, I was able to watch the nail biter of the 3rd Astros/Dodgers game of the World Series. We won, again. 😃 I’m telling you guys, that uber driver may have had it right! If we win tonight, we will be ahead 3 games to one and could actually pull off a World Series win for the first time ever! It would be because our players are awesome and they are helping to coach each other. When friends help friends, things just seem to go better. The Astros know what they’re doing. Yay!

I had a pop up job yesterday helping out my cousin. She had to go out of town (about 40 miles away) and needed someone to check in on her husband. So I did. He’s 89 and not in good health but I love that old man. He was always good to me growing up even though he was a very busy surgeon. I also took Forgetful to Carrabba’s for lunch which she enjoyed until we went back and her caregiver was waiting for her. The lunch had taken a bit too long and I had to leave to get back to my cousin so I called her. Forgetful said, “Why are you here? Can’t I come back from a nice lunch without someone to follow me back?” Oops! But I really had no choice. I told her I would see her today and she said okay.

Today is going to be BUSY!!!

First, stinky. I may have to come up with a new name because after getting her new shoes and having her wear socks, she doesn’t really stink much anymore which is a great thing! I am still not thrilled about getting up early on a Saturday to take her to get her hair done though.

Second, lunch with Forgetful. Her step daughter in law wanted me to go daily at lunchtime so that’s what I’ve been doing. It actually helps me because normally, I have nothing around lunch (although I will this Monday). She’s always happy to see me now so I like going. She does complain quite often about her situation and asks why is she there, but she’s always happy to see me!

Third, I have a new client. Her son tells me she hates everybody, no matter what race or religion they are. He’s tried them all (his words) and she’s just rude to everyone. That will be a 4 hour job.

Last, I have Mr. 95 year old and Miss Priss. They want to go to some restaurant halfway to our downtown stadiums where we not only have the Astros playing tonight but so are the Rockets (basketball)! Traffic might be a nightmare but I still gotta do it.

So yes, today is busy. Thank goodness I am OFF tomorrow!!! I would like to sleep in.I was going to wake up at 7am today to leave at 8:30 but guess what. My alarm went off at 6! I didn’t go to sleep until 11 because the game was that long too. So on top of everything else, I’m a bit overly tired too. Thank goodness I haven’t quit drinking energy drinks yet!

Speaking of my bad habits. I didn’t smoke much yesterday because I was mostly at my cousins house or with Forgetful. I would have last night when I got home but my mother was downstairs reading and watching tv and you can only walk your dog so much before she gets suspicious (I know I’m 44 but I just don’t want to hear it). So I maybe had 7 or 8 yesterday. Today will probably be a repeat of that since I’m so busy. It’s a good thing but you know you’re addicted to nicotine when it’s 40 degrees outside and you put on 4 layers (bra, shirt, sweater, jacket) to go out there and smoke. Yep. I did that this morning!

So that’s it today. I will try and be more entertaining tomorrow when I am not having to work. I can tell you that I was getting dressed and heard this scratching noise at my door. I used my phone light to check because I knew my dog was asleep in my bed. Wouldn’t you know, there was a tiny white paw under the door! Those 2 are ready to play this early in the morning! Crazy 6 month old cats.

21 thoughts on “Happy Saturday although not really

    1. Pretty cool here in Louisiana also: I was going to go for a morning run but I didn’t bring long sleeve shirts. It’ll be an afternoon one after my outing today or the treadmill. It’s apparently warmer back home in Toronto but with a cold drizzle. The worst weather. I’d rather have snow than cold rain any day of the week.

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