The Fall Tag

Hunida’s blog nominated me for this last week and I’ve been a bit busy to do it but I finally did! Thank you for the tag so here are the rules:


What’s your favorite fall outfit?

Jeans and long sleeve cotton shirt. Seriously, I’m that easy. I don’t need much.

What is fall weather like where you live?

It doesn’t get cold until the end of October here in Houston and so it was HOT until last week. Today it finally got down into the 40’s.

What’s your favorite drink to have in the fall?

Same as anytime, Mountain Dew and Full Throttle energy drinks

Does your family have any fall traditions? If so, what are they?

We used to have Thanksgiving with family but as the elderly people passed and all the kids grew up, we stopped. Now I usually cook for 4 (now sadly 3). This year we are actually ordering out.

What’s your favorite fall scented candle?

That’s easy! Sugar cookie scent!

What are some activities and events you enjoy going to in the fall months?

The local elementary school has a carnival which is always fun. This year they had it on a weekday so I couldn’t go. I was very upset about this.

Tell us about one of your favorite fall memories.

Not really a favorite, but what I remember was in Somerville TX, I jumped into what I thought was a HUGE leaf pile just to find out it was a fire ant mound covered in leaves. That wasn’t fun!

What are some fall movies you enjoy watching?

I like the old Christmas movies that come on tv at this time.

What’s your favorite fall treat?

I bake cookies to give people for Christmas so that’s a treat for us as well!

If you celebrate Halloween, what is the best costume you’ve ever worn?

I have this fairy costume. It lights up, has a wand and a tiara. I still have it but lost too much weight to wear it now. I could get it fixed but it’s just not the same anymore.

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5 thoughts on “The Fall Tag

  1. I hope you like the weather I brought to the southern US. I know you said you liked Canada and so it was the first thing I thought of when I considered bringing you something!

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