So last night. I got off work by 8pm which was very nice. Got paid and decided to get some groceries. I wanted easy food that I could cook in just a few minutes in the microwave or grab a little thing of cereal on my way out the door to work. So I bought all these individually packaged things for myself and my son (plus milk and snacks of course). Forgive how the picture looks. I just took it from my bed.

So I brought them to my room because there is NO room downstairs. My mother told me she is still working on HER room and if I need space, I will have to figure out how to reorganize everything in her pantry. Gee thanks Mom. So they are parked on top of my mini fridge. I bought that to move here because when I first wake up, I tend to be a bit lazy and don’t want to go ALL the way downstairs just for a drink. Wah lah… the mini fridge!

So then she sees these up here and comments, “I don’t want food upstairs!” Umm, didn’t you just tell me I’d have to figure things out? Well, I did. We aren’t eating them upstairs (duh – they have to be microwaved) so what’s the problem? “Well, you’re just inviting roaches to come in your room. I guess that’s your problem.” Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed yesterday morning!

AND… the house is colder than being outside so I asked if I could turn on some heat. She replies how much she likes it cooler in the house and we don’t need the heat on. Is that menopause talking because it’s F’ING cold in here! So I said okay and went back to my room. An hour later, I can’t feel my toes and decide that I can’t live in my sweat pants 👖, socks, and jacket in my own room (I usually wear boxers around the house at night) and go back downstairs and just TELL her I’m turning on the damn heat. I turned it on to 71 and Oh my, it is SO nice now! So of course she’s complaining how it’s hot. She turned on her fan though and shut up thankfully.

That was last night. I didn’t go to bed until around 2am because I had 6 free hours of play time on a game and who’s going to give that up! It’s called Gardenscapes and it’s not the easiest game but 6 hours of free play? Yeah, I’m there! I woke up at 7am toasty warm but with a massive migraine. I barely got up and got a Full Throttle energy drink and downed 4 Advil with it. It’s been 2 hours and now it’s a dull pain that I’m dealing with but as long as I stay quiet in my dark room and don’t bend over to pick things up, it will eventually go away. I walked the dog 🐕, ate a little bit of cheese for breakfast (all I could stomach with my head wanting to explode), and am back in my room telling you all this before I turn on Season 2 of Stranger Things on Netflix.

So I need to do laundry today and I guess I’ll have to deal with the pantry downstairs. Whatever. I have to get over my migraine first. Have a great Sunday!

5 thoughts on “Wow

  1. My boyfriend likes the house freezing cold too and he sweats if I turn the a/c off. 😦 I wanna walk around in just boxers! And LOL I’ve stayed up so many times to finish freeplays on games like that.

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