This is my FAVORITE holiday of the year. It’s too bad the kids have to go to school today.

I got a few pictures from Google to share with you all on my favorite day. My son said he does not want to go trick or treating but he wants to hand out candy if anyone shows up. I think he just wants to give out the candy he doesn’t like so he will get the rest of what he does like. Crazy kid!

I told the couple that we need to go to the store tomorrow and they agree with me. Half off candy, here we come!

No jobs today other than stopping by to see Forgetful. I need to go to Costco today for my son’s hotdogs but I am going to try to see if my mom wants to go too. I’m not sure she’s ever been. They have tons of stuff so I thought I would be nice and ask.

I walked the dog this morning and met a couple of elderly men walking their dogs around the park. It’s interesting to meet neighbors and I don’t have to see them all the time like I did my old neighbors since we are in a much bigger neighborhood so it’s great!

Feeling better today. Finally got my HEPA filter in the mail yesterday at 9:30pm (UPS was LATE!) so I set that up. It helped so much that we overslept this morning! My son likes to leave for school at 7am. We woke up at 6:53! So we left at 7:09am. He still got there a bit early and I made him get something to eat before we left so he’s fine. Thank goodness he showers at night. I don’t want to send a stinky kid to school.

So I have a cute doggy sitting in my lap wanting attention. Have a great day you guys!

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