Long busy day

Stayed up late last night (you may have noticed). I am still in shock. We actually won the World Series! I’m so excited about that. They are even having a parade here tomorrow for our team! I got the story from ABC 13 news app.

Today I am booked from 10a-9p. First the couple to their doctor in a suburb of Houston. I’ve told you how much fun it is for me to take both of them. Then Forgetful which is a whole different paragraph. Then Mr. 95 year old and Miss Priss to dinner. Obviously Mr. 95 year old did not go to his club last night. He decided to stay home to watch the game. I’m SO glad he did!

Forgetful started calling me yesterday afternoon about her cat. She called like 3 times. Her cat is sick, I need to come take her and the cat to the vet. She needs to go now. So at that time I was still booked for the evening so I told her I can’t until today. I don’t think the cat is actually sick, I think it is stressed from the 3 moves she’s made in the past 3 months. Forgetful tends to overfeed the cats as well (like 3 cans of wet food a day plus 2 things of dry food out) so it may just be that there was plenty of food and Forgetful just thinks he cat isn’t eating because it’s already had enough. I’m not a vet, I would never claim to be one. I HAVE owned cats most of my life and know that they go through stages. BUT, she wants her cat to go to the vet. So I called the daughter who got it set up for the cat to be picked up this morning. Then I will take Forgetful to pick her cat up this afternoon. She has cute cats so I want them to be okay too.

Anyway, my dog just scratched on my door and I guess that means she wants to go out. And I’m getting texts about Thanksgiving from cranky’s son already this morning!Y’all have a great day!

5 thoughts on “Long busy day

  1. Oh funny. I went out to dinner nearby last night and heard people in the bar nearby cheering. I had no idea what was happening though I looked up and saw a baseball player on the TV screen. I guess that’s what was happening. I’m so oblivious to sports!

    I’m with you on your assessment of the cat. Imagine how active you’d be and how hard it’d be to tell what you were eating if, instead of your normal meals you just had a massive buffet in the kitchen enough to feed 10 people being constantly refilled. If that were me I’d probably look sick as well. “I don’t know, he barely moves, he’s just sitting there on the couch every time I look and I don’t think he’s eating. The buffet (that I’m always refilling) is always completely full”

    Have an awesome day!

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    1. Oh yeah. Fireworks were going off last night, everyone was screaming down the streets.
      And the cat, that poor thing. She’s so fat it’s not even funny! I hope the vet doesn’t overcharge her just to tell her to stop feeding them so much!

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