Good morning everyone

I set my alarm for 7 but woke up at 6:30. Oh well, not too early! And here’s why I could sleep in.

I got a call, a text, and an email from my son’s school yesterday that said there is no school today because the Astros won the World Series and they are letting the kids have off to go to the parade and celebrate our teams first ever big win. Umm, ok? The information they sent said it was due to traffic concerns for the kids getting home. I then saw on the news that almost 1,000 employees in our district asked for today off so they just decided to close. Alrighty then! So all the parents that still have to work today, like me, what do we do with our children all day? I just checked the local news station app and no other school districts are doing this. My son is happy but I’m not.

So yes, I do have to work today. Today is the day to go actually meet the new client who, I’m told, is just like cranky. We shall see. That’s 11am to 4pm. So I have to go see Forgetful before that. That’s it but it’s still 6 working hours which I’m not complaining about!

When I woke up, I went to the restroom, and then came back in my room along with my dog and the girl cat. Well, I guess she wanted attention because she was all over me to pet her and was purring away. Very sweet. I am so glad I got this filter!!! Now my dog is asleep on the pillow next to me while I write this. Yesterday, the girl came in my room and started eating dog food. I had to pick it up but didn’t realize my dog was hungry! I finally had to pick up the cat, take her outside my room, come back in, and give my dog her food. Darn cats and poor chihuahua!

Cranky’s cat got his new pet dispenser yesterday too. It was delivered on the 25th but the building didn’t tell us and we just got it. He checked it out but prefers the box like most cats. From what I heard, you have to give him time to figure it out but he won’t let himself starve before he does.

Yesterday turned out totally different than expected too. I could not take the couple because cranky fell and busted her head open. The caregiver brought her and met me at the ER. She had to have 3 stitches and a ct scan but she’s fine. Since that was at 8 am, and I’m sure everyone reading this knows how long an ER can take, you know there was no way I was making it to the couples house for their appointment! I called the husband and he said it was no problem, they could reschedule theirs because it was an arthritis doctor and that wasn’t near as important as a trip to the emergency room.

Forgetful’s step daughter in law had the vets office come pick up the cat yesterday. Then when I arrived to see her at 2pm, she was on the phone with the vet who was telling her that the cat has back pain, is too big, etc etc. They are running tests on the cat and she will be able to go home today or tomorrow. Poor kitty! And she asked the vet twice how old the cat was and she’s 12. As soon as Forgetful hung up about a minute later, her caregiver (she got one again thankfully) asked her how old the cat is and Forgetful said, “Oh, about 9.” That’s pretty bad short term memory loss! I hope everything is okay with the kitty.

My man finally went to the hospital yesterday. This is what he told me about his trip to the ER, “Sending me home w a neuro specialist follow up in 3 days. Has to be past 48hrs for any other type of neck injury to subside before they truly know what is what. He is sending me home with, extremely surprisingly an opiate (shitty 30mg of codeine but hey it’s 15 codeine pills.”

So! I guess he’s doing okay. I haven’t heard back from him last night or this morning. He will probably do the follow up as recommended which would be a good thing! I do want him to be okay. He actually drove his own car to the hospital. It still runs but not well anymore!

And that’s it folks. I’m already wishing I could go back to bed. I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday!

15 thoughts on “Good morning everyone

  1. Oh, my! You should write a book about your clients and your job! 🙂 It’s interesting to read but I’m not sure if I want to be in your place ;):):) Take care, don’t go back in bed and have a wonderful Friday!

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  2. I can’t believe the school district closed due to a World Series win! That would never fly in my school district – we don’t even close when there is a blizzard.

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  3. I know it was a inconvenience for many parents , but I am glad your son school was closed for such a major celebration. The takeaway is “live in the moment because tomorrow isn’t promised ” 🙂

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