Once again

Do things ever turn out like they are supposed to?

I just couldn’t get moving yesterday morning. Stupid cramps. So after my shower, I went downstairs to take the dog out and saw my mom had text me. I text her back and heard a beeping noise so wouldn’t you know it, she left her phone at the house but she wasn’t here. I called her job and yep, she was at work! She asked me to bring her phone up there so I did that on my way to Sleepy. That’s my name for this newest client. I seriously thought she was going to be cranky after speaking with her son but mostly she just slept yesterday for the 5 hours I was with her.

She ate lunch, she napped, we watched old game show repeats on Buzzr, and she told me that she wants me to come back more. Aww! That’s a great compliment! So I told her son and he sent back big eyes 👀, a hand clapping 👏, and a thumbs up 👍. I told him I’m not a caregiver though and unless I’m driving, I get bored. I almost fell asleep on her low couch that made it hurt to keep my neck up. Then I went to see Forgetful. She made me stay and have dinner with her which was very nice since I hadn’t had much to eat all day. I got home around 6:40pm. I was passed out by 10. Now I’m awake and ready to take Stinky to get her hair done and then pick up Forgetful’s cat at the vet and bring her home. That’s it for today.

So I was thinking about some things yesterday. I am glad I moved in here. There are many reasons why. Here are a few.

My mother is starting to not understand things as well as she used to and if she gets confused, I need to be here. I have seen and talked to a few neighbors around here but none are as nosy as the old German lady where I used to live. I like having a bigger place even though most of the things in it aren’t mine. I enjoy having a bigger bathroom even if it doesn’t have its own closet. The stalker guy seems to have gone away too so I feel safer. My dog has a much bigger area to play and do her business.

Is there anything I miss about living on my own? Well yeah, I could walk right out of my bedroom to smoke. Last night I was thinking I would just get up and go outside but oops, I’m on the 2nd floor. Can’t do that! Allergies weren’t as bad either over there but I am okay as long as I take my medicine. Seriously, that’s about the only things I miss. I have wanted to move out of that place for so long and every time I thought I would be able to, something happened where I couldn’t move yet. This is the first time in 15 years I was able to move out and not have everything just go to hell right before the move.

So all and all, a good move. Mom isn’t getting on my nerves all the time like I was afraid she would. She’s not banging on my bedroom door all the time which was another fear. My son is happy which is always good!

Not sure if I ever mentioned it but my mom makes bows and wreaths for a living. She brought home a new one yesterday for our front door and I can’t complain about this one. I like it!

What do you think?

Have a good Saturday. I’m off to get showered and dressed for work.

23 thoughts on “Once again

  1. I love the wreath and bows. Looks very pretty and elegant! Your mum is really creative indeed. 🙂
    And by the way, I like the creative names you give your clients. 😉

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  2. moving is scary. there is lot MORE to think about and weigh when you have a child also. from one single mom to another – congrats! your attitude is fantastic. cheers and all the very best!

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