Busy off day (like usual)

First of all, I hit 200 followers and want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. I’m so glad I started writing again and hope I’m not too boring for people!

In this day and age with having to work at least 5 days a week, our “days off” consists of doing everything we couldn’t do while we were at work. Same goes for me even though I do my own work and can technically make my own hours.

To let you know about today, which is not nearly done yet, I will give you the rundown. I guess since I have a job twice for an hour each time today it’s not really an off day but it’s supposed to be.

Woke up at 6:30, left the house by 7:40, grabbed Starbucks for the client, and went to give her cat medicine. Came back home. Met my old neighbor that had my keys at her job at noon. Came back home. Got my moms credit card. Went to make a return of some light bulbs she bought – $30 for 4 bulbs. OMG 😮 That was ridiculous pricing! Went to Home Depot to buy light bulbs at HALF the price she paid and actually got 12 for the price of 4 where she went. Went to my old place to make sure I had everything out of it because WE ACCEPTED AN OFFER LAST NIGHT!!!! Cleaned out the fridge and threw it all away other than my spicy mustard which I brought here. Met my mom at her job to give her back her credit card. Came back home. Helped my son with his school project which to me looks like crap. I hope his teacher can tell he did this by himself, all I did was superglue the modeling clay on the sides for him. You tell me what you think! (In case you can’t tell or don’t remember your school days, this is supposed to be a cell.

Now have to go do laundry and get ready for dinner. I am having dinner at a nice restaurant with my mother and her friends from California that are here visiting their kids. Then I have to go give the cat medicine again at 8pm, come home, and start over again tomorrow.

Whew! What a day! When do I get a day off? 😂

He is studiously doing the paper portion of the project now. Too cute!

22 thoughts on “Busy off day (like usual)

      1. Yup and as teachers we can tell what the kids did and what parents have done. It drives me nuts because I’m not in charge of adult education- children only learn what they do!
        Congrats on selling your place:)

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  1. Congratulations on the offer! Also, nice cell! I see the nucleus, mitochondria and what I think is probably the golgi body (or apparatus depending on what they’re calling it these days).

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  2. Congratulations on the 200 followers and the offer :). Now I have to ask did your mom purchase LED light bulbs they are crazy expensive , but do last forever we seriously have not changed our outdoor lights like in four years :).

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