So freaking tired

I got 7 hours of sleep so I should be fine but I’m not. I still have 3 jobs today so I had to get up, shower, and take my son to school before going straight to work to give this cat more medicine. Thankfully it’s only going to be 3 more times and I’m done with that. Whew! Maybe it’s because I used my day off to do so much, who knows. CFS kills me at the oddest times.

I am parked outside Forgetful’s retirement home writing you guys. I don’t have to be there until 8. Then I’m off to my alterations woman who is so awesome. I only go to her even though I have to drive a bit farther now. I have 2 pairs of pants that the elastic just wore out and jeans with no button. Then back over here to take Forgetful to her doctor. Then off until 8pm tonight when I have to give the cat medicine again. Long day I know!

I stopped at Whataburger on my way here for breakfast. For those readers that have never been to Texas, Whataburger is a staple fast food joint. People that have had it will make that their first stop when they come back for some reason. My cousin is definitely one of those people. I went through the drive through and thought I was clear. A number 22 with no cheese (I can’t STAND American cheese) with a coke no ice. That’s a sausage and egg biscuit, hash browns, and the drink. $4.79 plus tax. The first time she quoted a price, she said $7.67. Huh??? So I get up to the window and she said she fixed it so my price was $6.06. What??? When did sales tax go up to 20%? Come to find out, she added an extra biscuit to my order. Umm, where did that come from??? So I finally got them to fix it where it should be at $5.19. I mean, $5 for this is a lot anyway so no, I’m not paying a penny more! And I shouldn’t eat out, I know this, but I ran out of time this morning and didn’t have time to go back to make something. Note I already ate all but one of my hash browns which is why you can’t see any in the little baggie.

So now I’m about to go give this cat her medicine and get out as soon as I can.

Last nights dinner was SO good, I really ate WAY too much. I had to leave early to come do the medicine but had a good conversation with my moms friends. They all love what I do. The couple from California said I would have to triple my price to do it there and just get by. The lady I sat next to lives in dallas and loves the idea. I told them about my BFF and how she was afraid people might be scared off since she’s a 6 foot tall black woman and this lady said “no way!” That shows she can handle us old people’s walkers and wheelchairs! So in case BFF is reading, do it!!! Lol

That’s it. Gotta go in now. Have a great Monday!

13 thoughts on “So freaking tired

  1. I like your writing style. It tells your story in a charming way that is natural and it says a world between its lines. Keep writing. I cannot visit you often because I’ve got a giant of a rental property to manage as well as write my own stuff. I might even one day start to blog. However, I write instead within a group at a blog titled The Pig’s Arms which is a virtual pub. Maybe see you at the pub, Open 24/7 of course. 🙂

    Thanks for the read. I read the previous post as well.

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  2. Never heard of Whataburger! I don’t eat fast food much but I do like to try everything once! Hope the medicine helps the cat! And gosh, Cali living is SO expensive, it’s crazy.

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