Stairs suck!

I had forgotten how much climbing stairs sucks when you’re sick. I get out of breath just coming up them. And I ended up having to climb a lot yesterday since I still had to take care of my dog and eat. No fun!

This morning I am still not 100%. I wish I could take today off too. I’m afraid if I don’t go see Forgetful that she won’t remember me anymore. I also have to take the couple to the grocery store. Plus I need to make money. So there’s that. I may end up taking the day off anyway and just be doubly busy tomorrow. I can’t risk getting old people sick and I may need one more day in bed.

All of my bills are paid, I have $100 left in the bank. Technically I probably could take another day off, I’m just scared that missing 2 days will hurt me in the long run. I’m finally coughing yucky stuff up so I know I’m going to get better today or tomorrow. So I’ll make myself a deal. Since I don’t have to go anywhere before 11, I will shower, relax, and then see how I feel before I go anywhere.

My son got a 65 on that project of a cell. A lovely reader, AJ, who is a teacher, told me to have him talk to his teacher about how he can raise that grade. So I’m going to tell him that this morning. Let’s just hope he does it! Otherwise, he has A’s and B’s so far this progress report. Such a smart kid. We know he got that from me and not his father! 😂

I still enjoy waking up to everybody’s comments. So many of you have expressed how you hope I feel better soon and I really appreciate that! So much that I mentioned it to my mother and she, who is not really computer savvy, said, “That’s nice. I hope you didn’t tell strangers where you live.” OMG 😮 Mother, yes, of course I did. I told them I live in Houston. Hehehe She wasn’t too appreciative of my sarcasm but oh well. It’s not like I post pictures of my house with the number on it.

See? No house numbers!

I somehow got all 3 of our animals together for a picture so I wanted to share it.

Too cute. Just don’t mind all the crap in the rest of the picture! We are still working on clearing stuff out. I almost said her stuff but I’m not trying to throw all of her stuff away, I just don’t think we need so much furniture and chairs. This part of the house is pretty cleaned out already so you may not see any clutter which is a good thing!

That’s it for today. I hope everyone has a great Thursday. I may just be hanging out on the reader page of this or watching Slasher on Netflix if I don’t go to work.

22 thoughts on “Stairs suck!

  1. Haha! I hope you didn’t tell them where we live! Awh! Sucks you’re unwell still. That must be a hard choice whether to keep away from the people you care for because they might get sick or need to be there to help them with things. Very cute picture of your animal buddies! 😍🌹

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  2. I LOVE those chairs!!!! That type of furniture is my type of furniture. Imagine that – I’m sick! You have to get better, it feels like I took a bit of your stuff :D:D Take care!!!

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    1. If you’re concerned, you also have to be careful if you use your cell phone for taking/posting photos as quite often it will embed your GPS coordinates, accurate to within a few feet, in the image itself. I checked some of the photos on my blog and yes, I am giving that info away for those who want it. On the other hand, there are over 400 apartments in our building over 44 floors and there’s an identical building next door, so someone would have to be pretty determined to actually know where we live.

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      1. Todd, I have always turned my location to “Never” for my camera on my phone but I am now paranoid even though I live in an apartment as wel… How can I check my photos on my blog for that info?

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  3. Haha it’s a mom thing as my mom thinks it would be easy for anyone to find me from what I’ve said on this blog and she’s decided to start worrying about that, LOL

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  4. I hope Forgetful did not forget you and that maybe you are feeling better today. ❤ Your pup is so cute enjoying the cat tree!! And I wish my cats would wear collars, how adorable they all are! ❤

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