As I sit here

I wanted to write because I realized I didn’t this morning. I’m sitting here with Sleepy as she naps. I already finished my book I brought. James Patterson Detective Cross book. It’s one of his new little books that only costs $4.99. I love them! I can take them to read while I wait for someone to eat or like today, just sitting here. I already had my oh so healthy lunch of Cheetos and a granola bar with a cherry coke.

I saw Forgetful this morning too. We had breakfast. I brought a Starbucks protein box and she ordered eggs bacon and toast from her retirement home. I’m not a huge fan of Gouda cheese which came with my box so I asked her if she wanted it. She loved it. 2 minutes after she finished the first piece of it, I asked her if she liked it and she answered, “Did you give this to me? When? I didn’t even know it was here!” Poor thing. I hate that her memory is that short.

These are my only 2 jobs for the day. Tomorrow I will be busy! No Mr. 95 year old though in the evening. He got out of the hospital but now has to go to skilled nursing for a few days to fully recover from pneumonia. I feel so bad for him! I asked about visiting and his daughter told me, “No need. He’ll see you soon.” Okay? I just care and want to check on him but that’s okay. I’ll wait to see him and get the full rundown of what happened.

Not much else going on. I had this fleeting thought earlier of online dating with that picture I took yesterday. Here’s what I would say (and this is why I do not do online dating – I would get hate mail):

I am 44. I am not looking for a husband. I just want to go out and have fun when I’m not busy managing my own business, taking care of my son, mother, or 3 animals. I am overweight, have dentures, wear contacts, smoke, and eat whatever I want, just not much of it. I am looking for a fit man that looks nice and doesn’t smoke or is an alcoholic.

Whatcha think about that? I’d probably get hate mail from day one! Hell, I don’t look because I don’t have time. I never even have time to meet my friend for a margarita and catch up. So anyway, this sweet woman just gave me a cough drop and told me to take a nap. LOL 😂

Have a great day!

28 thoughts on “As I sit here

  1. I could really relate to your post, Julie, having worked as a caregiver in Nursing Homes and for an in home care agency for many years. I found it the most rewarding work of my life! (Now, at 78, they just consider me one of the Gang. 😄) Also, your tales and descriptions of your daily experiences remind me so much of my two youngest children. Tho. a little older, now in their 50’s, they have such a similar sense of humor and interests. Both considered the online dating route, but found it unsatisfactory. However, I can say that more than 20 years ago, such methods did work. I found the man with whom I have enjoyed the last 20 years through a phone-line dating service. Even then, however, there were a lot of strange people amongst the legitimate seekers. I wondered then and still do, why people don’t describe themselves as they are, rather than what they think someone else may be looking for. The results could not be good if they have a legitimate desire to truly connect with someone, could it?
    I wish you continued success, as you continue to spread Love and JOY along your Journey, Dear. (It is quite evident that is what you share as you walk your own path!)
    Sweet Blessings and very much Love from my HEART to your HEART. 💞

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    1. Thank you for your lovely comment! I don’t date other than a wonderful gay man. I was just playing around. I’m so glad you found the love of your life!
      You could probably write a book on your experiences too!

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      1. Thank you for your response! Yes, we (my children and I) have been told that before. We decided if we did, it would have to be published as (science) fiction, for no one would believe the truth of it. 😄

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