Help me please

So I told my BFF about my funny but true dating thing and here’s what happened next.

So now what do I do? She asked, I wrote her a funny profile, not trying to be rude, just funny, and now she’s pissed off at me.

This is why I don’t do things for people. Please let me know what you think.

36 thoughts on “Help me please

      1. There is always that friend isn’t it😉anyway hope she won’t hold the “offense” .Something similar happened to me with a friend,we sorted it out as I explained she totally misunderstood my joke but since then I am always double checking what I say to her😳

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      2. That’s the worst part isn’t it?nothing worst then have to watch your mouth with your own friends(my mouth is often faster then my brain,like I tend to say what I think and go straight to point😳) but time will ease things down,it always do.have a nice day dear😊

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      1. Very true , but money is always going to be a subjective topic. Your income may be seen as a lot by Someone while you few it as meager. Though to apply this all back to dating I would be more concern about their credit score as that speaks volumes about their character …

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  1. It’s like she set you up. From the moment she promised she wasn’t going to get mad she knew she would be mad. The profile you made for her was just as humorous as the one you wrote for yourself.

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