Holy cramoly

It’s Saturday y’all! I took “not Stinky” to her hair appointment, went to see Forgetful, then picked “not Stinky” up and took her to return some stuff at the grocery store and then home. Then I came home and took a nap. My version of a nap today was doing paperwork for the business. I’m all caught up. Yay!

I can’t get rid of this cough or the tired feeling. That’s why I’m not working this afternoon. Mr. 95 year old is still getting over pneumonia so he’s not going out tonight either.

So BFF just called me and said she doesn’t want to be friends anymore based on the comments from yesterday’s post (yes, she reads my blog every once in a while). She said I shouldn’t be friends with people that have mental issues (she doesn’t in my opinion). I didn’t know what to say to that so I said okay and hung up. I’m very heartbroken and sad about this and I hope she will change her mind. Almost 18 years of friendship thrown away over a stupid thing she asked me to do.

My son is having a friend spend the night tonight. He will be here shortly. I told my son I will go to the store and buy the ingredients for whatever they want for dinner and he says, “Oh Mom. We’re just going to eat hot dogs.” Really??? That’s it??? Well, okay. My coughing bootie will stay in bed then and catch up with all my magazines.

That’s it today guys. I’m now upset and feeling down on top of being sick so not much to say.

25 thoughts on “Holy cramoly

  1. Oh I’m sorry to hear about your friend. I had a friend of 20+ years “dump” me earlier this year- it’s definitely not an easy thing to go through. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that she changes her mind!

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  2. I️ hope your friend comes to her senses. I’d keep apologizing if I️ were you; you must have hit a sensitive spot to her. We all know you had no bad intentions and we are here for you! ❤️

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      1. I don’t think you have lost her! She may just need some time to cool down. It would be her loss to just throw away a friendship with you. ❤

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  3. P.S. my boyfriend is 22 yrs old and he buys hot dogs every time we go grocery shopping so I️ don’t think your son will ever stop loving them haha 😂

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  4. This is sad!
    I think it’s best to let her cool off and maybe write an email expressing your emotions and regrets.
    Instead of breaking the friendship, you can learn something about your friendship! She shouldnt ask you do to things like these for her and you won’t.

    I have lost some friends as well throughout my life. It is always and ususlally unnesecary!

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  5. The closer the relationship, the more the pain.
    Going through several friendships like that in half a century, I realized that sometimes, a loss is temporary, or if permanent, for the better.
    Best wishes and regards💞

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  6. What sad news to hear. I say give her the space she needs and if she comes around be there with a hug , smile and prehaps a glass if wine. On lighter note, nice to have boys who just want hot dogs when my nieces visit it’s all out foodnetwork style lucky I enjoy cooking 😂

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