Sunday tired

I didn’t go to sleep until late last night. Not even NyQuil helped this cough. Have you ever had your entire front chest hurt because you are coughing so much? It sucks. All I can do is go to the store later and get more cough medicine. My mom tried to give me Tylenol 3 with codeine to help the cough but I refused. I don’t want someone else’s medicine plus the fact that codeine and I aren’t good for each other. 😀

I went outside a little bit ago and all I could see were cigarette butts all over the ground. Instead of ignoring it and saying someone will blow them away when they clean leaves next week, I decided to pick them all up. I had an empty pack so I walked around right outside my home and picked up not just my butts, but other peoples butts and even candy wrappers! Why there are candy wrappers on the ground when we have trash cans throughout our common area is beyond me. Kids probably.

So I still feel like crap. Still have a 100 degree temperature. But it’s Sunday and I have to do laundry and the boys are still here. Well, one left because he lives in the neighborhood and can just walk home. The others mom will pick him up around 1 so that’s in a couple hours. They are outside kicking a soccer ball around and I can hear them as I opened my window. So they can hear me cough too! 😂

I went to Shipley’s donuts this morning and got them all whatever they wanted. Pink donuts, chocolate donuts 🍩, donut holes, regular glazed donuts, and for me, a blueberry cake donut. My mom really appreciated her donut holes. She actually ate them in her bathroom before she went to get her coffee and go to church. I’m also not making the boys go to church this morning. Let them play. There’s plenty of time for bible study!

I almost forgot that I have to go meet cranky’s son for lunch! Eek! I’m dressed in shorts and an Astros shirt so he can deal with that. I guess I better tell this kids mom that I have to leave at noon. Hang on. I’m going to do that now. Okay, I feel better. I told the other mom and asked where I’m supposed to meet this guy.

The sale of my condo is supposed to be this week. Since it will require my cousins and my signature (we co-own the place), I was thinking I may drive to Arkansas instead of fed ex’ ing something with my signature on it. It gives me a mini vacation plus I get to see my family and my man! I still can’t believe he’s still there. It’s crazy.

She said that’s fine so the boys are taken care of. Now I’m just waiting to hear back on where I’m meeting this guy. I am also trying not to do too much so I will get better. I have a job at 8:45am tomorrow. I have to get better today!

I hope everyone has a great Sunday. I’m going to try to!

22 thoughts on “Sunday tired

  1. Oh man – it sounds like you have the same problem my wife has when she gets sick. The second she feels well enough to do a little thing she’s out there doing it and then relapses until she finally stops and gives herself time to recover.

    I see you talking about relaxing but there you are fetching donuts, going to the store, and getting down on your hands and knees picking up trash.

    I think once you get your medicine and drop your son’s friend off you need to go home and settle in bed with some TV or a light book and read. While you’re at the store, pick up a bit of soup and maybe some other comfort foods, and baby yourself for just a day or even two.

    And for heavens sake, don’t go on a long drive until you’re completely well!

    Hope you feel better soon!

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    1. Yeah. You’d probably be mad at me right now then. I walked to the gym to have a meeting. I promise I am on my way home to go to bed now!!😀
      And yes, that’s pretty much what I do. Single Mom, it’s all up to me.

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      1. *Laughing* – yeah, probably not the best idea but I know you need to do what you need to do. Hopefully you give yourself a break when you need it.

        And hey – at least you didn’t go to the gym for a workout!

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      2. Very true! Plus it’s so close I walked there in like 3 minutes and I was going slow!
        And yeah, going to the store was required for the week so my son can take lunch to school.
        I’m now in bed watching movies on Netflix. 😀

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  2. I hope your cough gets better soon, Julie! One time I couldn’t stop coughing so hard for so long I thought my ribs were broken/breaking! It really made me smile to read that you picked up the cigarette butts and candy wrappers etc. ❤ If only there were more people like you in the world!! And I'm so happy for you about selling the condo. Hope the drive to Arkansas isn't too bad if you decide to make it, my mom and her husband live there somewhere lol.

    Get well soon, Julie. ❤

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      1. I don’t think I’d want to live there either lol. My mom actually moved from Houston to Arkansas within one year! I read about your problems with condo, sounds like a TON of paperwork. Hope it’s all simple and quick to fill out for you and your mom! ❤

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      1. Oh my gosh! Well good. I’m glad she took it seriously and gave you something that will clear whatever bug made way into your lungs. Maybe by tomorrow you will feel better. Did she get you anything for the cough? Tessalon perles work great for a cough but they are prescription. I don’t do well with codein either. Makes me pukey

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