It really started yesterday but I have to deal with it today so yeah, Monday.

I got an email and a phone call from the title company trying to do the closing paperwork on my condo. Come to find out, even though the property is in mine and my cousins name since last year, my parents never wrote off that it was ours alone and my grandmother had left 25% to 4 people. Why I have no idea. So now that my father is no longer with us and his will left everything to my mom (she didn’t do probate because everything was in both of their names), we have to fill out tons of paperwork and my mom will have to sign her part to me too. So now after all this paperwork, I will own 75% and my cousin 25% (which is how it should have been since I paid off the mortgage, paid the taxes, upgraded stuff in there, etc. He says since I lived there, it was expected and it shouldn’t cost him his half. Now thankfully I will get what I should thanks to our wonderful government bureaucracy! Plus the condo was only worth less than half of today when my grandmother passed so in my opinion, he should get half of what it was worth in 2003. But if I did that, he would only get around $5,000 after all the fees so I won’t be that petty. That wouldn’t be fair. So now I have to find 2 people that knew my Dad for over 10 years that have no interest in my condo that are willing to have their signature notarized. Fun fun!

And you will be happy. I am parked outside a doctors office. My appointment is at 8:30. I’m pretty sure I’m about to spend $100 just to be told I need rest. But at least I finally went. It’s been a week so I figure I probably should. I’ll have to update y’all after I see the person.

No word from BFF. I’m giving her space and not bothering her. I still hate that she feels this way and hope she will change her mind. I think about her daily.

I just had a call from Forgetful’s step daughter in law. She threw a glass of wine at them when they took her out to eat the other night. She blames them for her being in an assisted living facility and doesn’t think she needs to be there… I wish I knew what to say to her about it. She probably won’t remember doing that either. She asked me to take some dishwashing soap over today and since I’m at the Walgreens clinic, I’ll grab some and drop it by.

That’s all for now. I’ll update everyone later!

Update: I have a sinus infection so now I’m on antibiotics and cough medicine for 10 days. Fun fun. She told me 2 days in bed and stay out of the sun. So I’m in bed watching Netflix. 😀

19 thoughts on “Well…Monday

  1. Wait, you can get $100 for being told you should rest? That doctor’s cheating you. I’ll only be billing you for half that.

    Glad you’re getting to the doctor, though. Hopefully he helpse you start feeling better soon – and not just with a bill

    What a tangled mess that condo sale is turning out to be. Glad you seem to be nearing the other side of it, at least!

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    1. I paid $109 for the doctor and am about to pay $165 for prescriptions. I have a sinus infection. She even put a mask on my face in her office after checking me out!
      I’ll be glad when this sale is over!

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      1. Wow – so expensive! I hope they’re really effective and act quickly.

        I remember just before we moved to Toronto in 2004 there was an outbreak of SARS there. When I’d fly in there I would have to walk through a “fever scanner” to make sure I wasn’t sick. For a couple of years after that if you had any sign of any respiratory illness they would immediately make you wear a mask at the doctor’s office. But then that was a pretty scary time, apparently. (I wasn’t there for the height of it.

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