Another day making nada

So today is the last day I can take off and not work. I am packed until Thanksgiving after this. And I need the money! Bills coming in like crazy.

I heard from BFF yesterday. Only one sentence but I was glad to hear from her and told her so.

I get tired walking the dog. That’s why I need this last day off. I’m in bed once again. Yesterday I got caught up on HBO and today I hope to finish season 4 of the Great British Bake-off on Netflix. My mom is working on finishing that paperwork to send back to the title company too.

So my life is boring these past 2 days. That’s okay. You guys can stand it, right? I called to change the couple’s hair appointment and was told that they did it yesterday and they changed it to next Wednesday. Wish they would have told me!

I ran into a neighbor that I know here. He didn’t know about my Dad and said how sorry he was and why didn’t anyone tell him. Probably because you were in Greece? Duh!

That’s all that’s happened around here! I got nominated for another award. I’ll get that done later today to give me something to do in bed. 😀

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