Downtown Houston

Here I am! I’ll show you a pic of what I’m looking at. I’m with a client at her doctors office actually in the medical center which is right NEXT to downtown.

View back towards my part of town

View of the medical center

As everyone can guess, yesterday did NOT go as expected. 6 hours with the couple. First the doctor, then to the mall for makeup for the wife, then to lunch which we ate at The Cheesecake Factory which I had fudge cake which was AWESOME! I took most of it home so it’s waiting for me the next time I have a sweet tooth (probably later today). The husband also made me take home his chicken strips and avocado snackers. Then take them home, go pick up a prescription and run by the grocery store. Then take it all back to the house to get paid. Whew!

Then I went to see Forgetful. I sat down with her and had a heart to heart about her attitude towards her step son and how it’s not good to throw wine at him. She asked to make an appointment with a cardiologist so we called and did that, then she called her step son and apologized. I am very happy she did that. While I was there, one of my caregivers called me and said she was taking Cranky to the ER. So I had to leave Forgetful and go to the ER.

Cranky had leg pain. She told me and the caregiver both of her legs hurt from her knees down. Once we got into a room there, the doctor pulled her pants leg up and found out that her cat bite had become infected so she needed antibiotics. We were in and out of there within 30 minutes and I am sure they will charge her insurance $1500 too. Gotta love hospitals! I went to pick up her prescription while the caregiver took her and stopped for dinner. I took the medicine to her place and then finally got to go home.

Day had started at 8am and I got home at 6pm.

Now this morning I went to see Forgetful and she doesn’t remember calling her step son but she does remember our talk. I got her to go down to breakfast and was there about an hour and a half. Then I went home to let my dog out to pee, then had to go to the couple’s house.

I picked up the wife at 10:30 as her husband said that her appointment was at 11:30. She gets in the car and tells me her appointment is at 12:30. Well crap. So we went to Discount Tire since her tire pressure light is on (it’s still on) and went by her bank to cash a check. Then we came here. She has to get a pet scan and then see her cardiologist. So we will be here awhile. But this is it today. Ended up a total of 7 hours!

Tomorrow is going to be insane so I need something easy today. Chat later!

9 thoughts on “Downtown Houston

      1. But she is no way 98 in body .. she still bowls twice a week and can keep up with most people ,, if I was bed ridden or wheelchair bound I prob wouldn’t want to neither . But she is still so active

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