Hey y’all!

Good morning! I am already working as usual on Saturday mornings. Taking “not Stinky” (I really need a new name for her) to get her hair done and run errands. Then I go see Sleepy for 4 hours and then to see Forgetful for an hour. That’s today. I’m off tomorrow and I promised my son I would cook so he would have good food this week.

When I was trying to figure out who my biological parents were, I found a man that could have been my father. We did a dna test and he’s not but we became buddies until such time as he would scream and yell at me every time I called him about how I’m raising my son, why I don’t call more, etc etc. I blocked his number and told him why I wasn’t going to talk to him. Well, today is his birthday so I’m trying to figure out if I should risk calling him. It’s been a few months since I’ve spoken with him. What do you guys think? I figure I have over 200 readers so I could get a few viewpoints on this!

Yesterday, the stress test machine broke right as my client was supposed to be tested so it ended up being a really long day, 7 hours with her and then an hour and a half with Forgetful. No fun.

I had a chance to sit down with my mother this morning. She was talking about the holidays. She wants us to hang out with her all day and possibly go to the movies. I tried to explain why I don’t go to the movies anymore (anxiety in crowds) but she heard money and almost shouts that she would pay “of course”. That’s NOT the issue although I don’t like paying $20 just to see a movie when I can wait a couple months and it’s free online (Netflix or HBO). So now she wants me to think of something we can do as a family for after we eat. God help me. I’ve never been especially close to my mother, I was always a Daddy’s girl and would watch football sitting next to him all day. I don’t know what to do with her! And my son definitely doesn’t want to hang out with grandma all day. Ideas?

I’m sleeping in my box, leave me alone!

So that’s it. Just questions, no answers today. I hope you guys have a wonderful, enjoyable, lazy Saturday!

27 thoughts on “Hey y’all!

  1. Stink sleeping forgetful,, just a few more and you will have seven dwarfs,,,as far as guy,, hmm if you blocked him for a good reason than I say no,, This from man point of view plus I have had to block few woman for reasons that are crazy,,

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  2. I would drop a card in the mail to Mr.Not Dad and wait and see if he follows up with a call. After Thanksgiving ideas game of cards , board games , dragging out the old photo albums or renting a Redbox all get my vote😊

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  3. I say about your possible but no father buddy dilemma send a card if you don’t feel like talking to him or a text.If talking to him will cost you stress and anxiety just leave it.What you have to ask yourself is if you want him or not in your life.
    About the mother daughter grandson day ,yes board game can be a option and then your son might be let off the hook and you two watch an old movie in tv?

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  4. I didn’t know you were adopted, Julie! It’s really your choice if you want that guy in your life. He’s not your dad! lol. I’m guessing you already decided on calling him or not?

    I’m with ya about paying $20 to go the movie theatre…it’s a bit ridiculous in my opinion! Hope you enjoyed the holiday together whatever you decided to do. ❤

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