Sunday plans

My moms Sunday plans are church and working.

My son’s Sunday plans are watching tv and playing at his friends house.

My plans are relaxing, grocery shopping, and cooking.

I woke up to my mom banging around at 7:30. Not really sleeping in dammit! So I’m awake and therefore she can ask me to climb up a ladder and put stuff on top of furniture for her. Ooohhhhkkkkaaaayyyy.

Then I come downstairs to walk the dog. My mom leaves for church. I bake biscuits, pumpkin brownies (from Hungry Girl 2 step recipes), and croissants plus croissants with beef links in them (we call them pigs in a blanket). Then I realize that to make what I want the rest of the day, I need groceries.

I went by my old place, got the mail (how there was so much mail when I don’t live there anymore I have no clue), and visited with an old neighbor. Then I went to Kroger with my list. Mostly I needed vegetables because I can’t make food without veggies hiding in them. My son would never eat any vegetables if I didn’t!

Cooking today (all recipes from AllRecipes):

All not too hard to make and will keep us in food until Thursday or the weekend.

Speaking of Thursday, Thanksgiving, my mom had me order the Luby’s cafeteria meal. It feeds 4-6 people and it’s only me and her! Eek! I told her this morning and she says, well, I will have plenty of leftovers! Yeah, you will. Hopefully she will eat it too. She tends to eat out WAY too much (every day at least once if not all 3) so I hope she eats it and it doesn’t just rot in the fridge. I know I will eat my cooking and a little of Luby’s on Thanksgiving.

That’s all I’m doing today. That will definitely keep me busy all day too! My tummy is rumbling so I guess I should eat lunch before I cook.

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