I know you know

Today is not go as planned. Yep. The usual!

Supposed to go to the bank at 9 to get the notary stuff done. Well, her witnesses left town! So I had to get the title company to change the witness names and resend the paperwork after my Mom got new witnesses. So I went to the couple’s house at 9:30. Picked up the husband and he says, “Oh. I need to go to the bank, go by Trader Joe’s, and we need to get poinsettias too. And here I thought he just needed to go to the grocery store!

So I go to the bank and then to the plant nursery that my Mom works at. I called and had her pull the 6 best poinsettias for him. He gave me cash and I went to dress them in the colored paper and checked out. The check out girl is one of my old neighbors! She had to tell me all about what’s going on there and how everybody is moving, blah, blah, blah. I don’t really care since I already sold it but I feigned interest for her sake. Then off to Trader Joe’s for their chocolate croissants! He loves those things. He had me buy 5 boxes!

Then, finally, an hour after we started, we went to store. He spent $250 on food, pie, donuts, and pharmacy type stuff. Then we took everything back to their house where their caregiver had already left for the day so I got to put everything away and then he let me print out my paperwork from my email. So that was 3 hours!

I then went to meet up with my Mother and her friends to sign the paperwork at a UPS because, for some reason, BofA wouldn’t help her with a notary. Do they not have one? Do they not help their customers? I don’t know what the issue was but that’s where we had to go. $6 for each time the girl had to sign her name so that cost me $30 which is almost what I made with the couple. Dammit!

Then off to see Forgetful. She was in a good mood and told me that she needed wine and snacks for company in case they came by. I told her step daughter in law and she is taking care of that tomorrow. I was only there an hour thankfully. She was going on and on about how the doctor said she may get to go home in 3 months. I guess I’m going to have to do that every time we go see him because according to him, she can never live at home again. At least it gives her something to look forward to. She got out of breath just walking from one room to another so I just hope she will be okay in 3 months!

Now I’m home and just cut up the onion before I started writing to make my next casserole. I got like 7 texts at once so I decided to answer those and write before I start cooking. I am doing the broccoli cheese casserole but I add a pound of ground meat to it so it has all 4 food groups in one little meal and it’s so tasty! Then I will make the meatloaf muffins and throw the chili stuff into the slow cooker. I have to cook today since I thawed out all the damn meat! I can’t refreeze it either so I will get it done.

Have a wonderful evening everyone!

17 thoughts on “I know you know

  1. That casserole sounds soooo yummy! And I’ve never had a chocolate croissant…I think I’m gonna head to Trader Joe’s just for a box of them if he buys 6 boxes at one time–they must be amazing, lol!

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