Okay, I am not really looking forward to spending the afternoon with my family. I will deal with it though like I deal with everything else, I will bring out my fake happy self. ๐Ÿ˜›

Here’s the issue of the day: My ex husband is mad at me for not letting my son go with him to his grandparents for Thanksgiving. I’m the bad guy here in his opinion for some reason. Let me explain my reasons why I’m not letting him go and I would like to see what you guys think.

1. He doesn’t pay child support and therefore by law is not allowed to renew his drivers license or get license plates for his car. He is driving with an expired license and has paper tags on his vehicle which a buddy of his hooked him up with. Is that even legal? If he got pulled over, he would probably be taken in and what would happen to my son?

2. He has been in multiple accidents, one of which he was going so fast, he hydroplaned off the freeway and almost died as his tow truck going over the top of a hill. That was actually when my son was 2. When he was life-flighted to the hospital, his then-girlfriend went to meet him there and called me because when he woke up, the first thing he asked her was, “Where’s Julie?” Sorry dude, I’m not taking our 2 year old to the hospital to see you when the doctor said you’ll be fine. I did call up there, I just wasn’t going.

3. His grandparents live in another city about an hour away from here. I asked my ex’s step mother (technically it’s her family, not my ex’s) if she would take my son with her and her 2 adult children to the dinner today. She said she wouldn’t mind having him there but his father would have to take him. Gee thanks. Maybe she doesn’t know that her step son is driving illegally?

4. We are going to my cousins and my son has met the adults (my 2nd cousins) at my fathers memorial service in May but not their kids which are around his age and are his 3rd cousins. Okay, I could be wrong about 2nd and 3rd stuff. It’s my moms 1st cousin. Her 4 children are my moms 2nd cousins and then their children would be 3rd. I think. Whatever. Anyway, he hasn’t met them and I think he should. Plus they live in other cities in Texas (Austin an Dallas) so it’s not like he will see them all the time! Plus it’s only a couple of hours. We won’t die spending time with family for that long. I promise!

My son is not upset about not going with his father and not too upset about going to the cousins. What he got upset about was dressing in nice clothes! ๐Ÿ˜‚

This should be an interesting day. Hugs ๐Ÿค—

14 thoughts on “Family

  1. Most my relative I have met 2 or 3 times in my life, let alone having a dinner all together. It has always been parents and sibling.
    I used to feel sad about it, but as adult i am relieved.

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  2. I wouldn’t let my child in the car with someone who I knew was driving illegally. If it was local, I would offer to drop him off for a couple of hours, but I think you’ve made the right choice.

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  3. Oh my!! Julie, all I can say is that I am glad you left this bloke. If he is driving illegally, no one should ride in his car. This is not good and I am surprised he has not been pulled over! Someone could just make a report as he is an endangerment to any life on the road!

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    1. I did but he doesnโ€™t have a permanent address so nobody seems to find him. I think he comes to see his son on Sundays because he knows that I canโ€™t get child support authorities to come on Sundayโ€™s

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