Happy Turkey Day!

Seriously, Happy Thanksgiving to all readers that celebrate it.

We celebrate this holiday each year and unfortunately, not enough people know the true story that happened on the first Thanksgiving in America. Here’s one link from Google to a Time Magazine article about it. eReal Thanksgiving

I’m picking up our food at 8am and of course, my mother already changed our plans without asking me. Now I have to go sit and deal with my uppity cousins for a few hours to eat lunch. I thought I was done with all that when I became an adult! Oh well. I told my son’s father that my mom changed our plans so my son will come with us. He has never met some of these cousins so he really needs to. That’s the only reason I agreed to go. My parents made me go to my cousins every year growing up and since I didn’t get along with most of them, I hung out with my boy cousin while the girls made fun of me for preferring to spend time with him. He and I had a blast playing with toys I didn’t have at my house like Legos and the game Risk. I only had dolls and stuff that went with them (Barbie Dream House anyone?) plus stuffed animals. So I stopped going as soon as I could (I think I was 18). This will be the first time in 26 years. Geez. I’ll have to update later!

Otherwise, I plan on watching Netflix and relaxing all day. What are you doing today?

21 thoughts on “Happy Turkey Day!

  1. Happy Thanksgiving! We are in Canada and already had ours in October.
    I also prefer playing with Lego and “boy toys” Girls can be so catty.

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