The Awesome Blogger Award

Again? I am blushing hard core here!

Thank you so much for my nomination Jess! You have no idea how much I appreciate being nominated and answering fun questions (when I have time of course). Thank you so much!!! 😀

What’s on the top of your wishlist right now?<<<<
I really want is to fix my car so when it gets hot next summer, the air conditioning will blow and the car will be cool all the time. Right now, if it’s hot outside, it takes like 10 minutes for the a/c to work on starting to cool down the car.

If you could pick up a skill while you slept, what would you learn?<<<<
would love to speak multiple languages perfectly so I could travel to any country and be able to speak with people without having to ask them, “Do you speak English?” I think it’s rude and I hate asking but I don’t have a choice. I can say hello in 5 languages but don’t ask me anything else!

If you knew that in whatever career you choose, you would never gain fame, prestige, or money from it, what would you want to do?

Exactly what I am doing now. I enjoy working with the elderly and not being stuck inside an office in front of a computer screen.

Is there something you wish you could tell your parents?<<<<
e Since I’m adopted, this goes 2 ways for me. Both of my biological parents died before I got a chance to meet them. I would have loved to tell them thank you for giving me away and not making me grow up like my siblings. You did me a huge favor and I appreciate it. To my parents that raised me, I wish I could tell my Mother that I smoke without her having a fit and kicking me out. She may know, but she’s not saying anything and I’m not blowing it in her face.

What is the biggest pet peeve of yours?<<<<
Easy question! Bad drivers – I mean people that don’t signal and then turn right in front of you where you almost hit them, people that cut you off and then go slow, speeding through school zones, etc.

How do you deal with rude family members?<<<<
don’t. I am overly polite to them and then walk away. Not worth my time.

What’s more important to you, health or happiness?<<<<
appiness definitely! Everyone will die at some point. After watching so many people lose their memory and struggle daily, I’d rather have a shorter, happier, life any day.

Are white lies okay?<<<<
..I think white lies like “that outfit doesn’t make you look fat” seem fine to me. White lies like when meetings potential dating partner saying “I don’t drink or smoke” doesn’t just because you WILL get caught so why lie?

What’s your favorite Disney film? If Disney is not your thing, what is your favorite film?

Don’t laugh. I adore The Little Mermaid. Maybe it’s because I saw it in Denver at Disney On Ice or because I have owned it as soon as it came out on VHS and then again on DVD but I love that movie!!!

What do you do when you’re alone for long periods of time?<<<<
. Wait. People do things other than watch Netflix when they’re alone? 😂 That is pretty much ALL I do when I get alone time!Seriously, that’s it. That’s what Ido. And I love to do it!

Okay, so here's where I supposed to nominate 5 wonderful people and send them notification that I nominated them. IF you have already done this, just answer my questions please!

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My questions:

You see them above you. They are great questions!

14 thoughts on “The Awesome Blogger Award

  1. I love the bit about what you’d say to your parents. ❤ I also like that you walk away from rude family members, I have a hard time with that! And I'm not laughing at you, I love the Little Mermaid, too. ❤ Who doesn't?!

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