What a day!

Starts out normal… go to see Forgetful and then leave after an hour a bit brain tired but fine. Then run by the store because we ran out of milk and eggs the day before a holiday so I HAD to go today. Take those home and then go sign my name to about 10 forms stating that I NO LONGER OWN A CONDO!!!! Yay!!! I’d probably be a bit more excited if I got all the money or if it was only my place but I am NOT complaining.

So I leave there feeling a bit elated and even without having the money yet, go to Discount Tire and get 4 brand new tires for my car. My front tires were 9 years old (probably the same ones from when the car was bought brand new) and my back tires were just cheap and you could tell when driving the car. So $500 on my credit card later, I have Michelin tires. I was there 2 hours though. Crazy! The sales guy told me I would have to wait an hour and 15 minutes. After that time, he comes up to me and says they can’t find the tires and would I mind having Perrelli’s. YES I mind! I actually walked away from him, got someone else, and he went out to the tires and found my tires for my car. WTH is wrong with some people? Do they just not want to work? The guy that helped me could have done the same damn thing, hell, the guys doing the work could have actually LOOKED for the tires! Stupid people. So yes, I am happy with my tires and now need wheels (rims) because I hate hubcaps!

I was also going to go get tint put on my car so I called the place I have always gone to and liked and my guy there is off today so I asked if I could come on Friday when he was back so that’s all set up now. I won’t talk to anyone else there, they always try to sell you stuff you don’t need and my guy has tinted the past 5 vehicles I’ve had so I only want him. No offense to the pesky sales guys, wouldn’t you prefer someone that knows you and knows what you like?

I then took my Dad’s watch to the jeweler to be fixed up. They will change the battery, the band, and see if it needs to be cleaned and do that. I am still so happy my Mom gave me my Dad’s watch! I’m not even a fan of gold but because it was my Dad’s, I will wear it every damn day until my son is old enough to want a nice watch.

Don’t mind the blurriness, I was in the car!

I tried to go change the title on the car too. It’s been paid off since June, I really should get that done, right? But the line! Oh my goodness! It was so long and NOT moving! I just couldn’t stay there. Too much else going on. This poor man in front of me in the line asked me if he was in the right line and when I told him yes, he looked like he wanted to cry! Yes, not kidding, it was THAT bad.

SO! I came home, got some chili and casserole in containers, then went to see Cranky. She’s been complaining that her cat doesn’t use his box or his water dish and that he can sleep on her bed and she will turn on the faucet for him, etc. I think I’ve covered that in some previous post but I’m not going to go searching for it. I walked in her bedroom and guess what??? He was IN his box! He peered out and I got a picture of him.

I put the box there so he would have a sunny spot to hang out in. I think he likes it! I show Cranky the picture and she says, “Well, he’s never done that before.” Her caregiver tells me, “Every day Julie, he uses it every day.” 😂

I left to come home, eat, and relax finally. Cranky’s caregiver text me to tell me Cranky liked all the food and she said Thank You. Aww! That’s good because my mother said it was a little spicy for her but she liked it. Whatever! If Cranky actually likes it, it must taste good!

I finished The Punisher last night. Really good but I absolutely HATED the end scene. It just didn’t flow for me. Maybe the next season they do will end better! This was more like a “this is the only season we are ever doing” type ending. 😫

Now I’m going to look for something else to watch because my phone is at 7% so I need to stop typing soon. If you don’t stop by to read posts tomorrow, have a great holiday if you celebrate it!

14 thoughts on “What a day!

  1. Gosh, I hate guys like the the first sales guy at the tire shop! That’s so sweet that your mom gave you your father’s watch and that you will pass it down to your son in the future. ❤ Can you set appointments in Texas at the DMV? We can here in Vegas but it wasn't needed in Minnesota. Cranky's cat is adorable. ❤

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