Black Friday

I think it’s called Black because too many people go out in the dead of night and stand in line to get a good deal. I don’t go. I’m not risking anything just to save some money. That’s crazy in my opinion! I did go on Amazon though. πŸ˜€

I am going to get my car tinted this morning! Yay! Then I have to stop see Forgetful and hopefully she remembers yesterday and how her day was because I would like to know. Then to see Sleepy for 2.5 hours. Her son wanted me there 5 hours but I just can’t do that. I like the woman but (and I’ve said this before) I’m not a caregiver!

That’s it today. Yesterday I ordered all of my son’s Christmas presents. I guess the older a boy gets, the more expensive the toys are. My goodness! He wants a new 3DS, 2 new games, a drone with a camera (God help me), seasons of South Park, and gift cards to the comic book store and the book store. You know I am NOT getting everything he wants. He can save up and get his own manga books and videos. Im also not sure about this drone with a camera. I pray he’s not going to be watching people wit it! It worries me. His 3DS is 7 years old and not working for some reason so I think that’s what he will get. He has plenty of games in my opinion too so he can save for that too.

A few of you wanted to know about my day with my family too. It was alright. We stayed 2 hours before I used an excuse of Friendsgiving to leave. I talked to my beautiful cousin mostly since she and I are the same age. She has 2 kids that are both very cute. Her husband is nice too. She was a CPA until she had kids and moved to Austin. Since we are the same age and grew up in school together too, we had a lot to catch up on. I mentioned that I wanted to take my son to see the capital and she said we should definitely come visit and get together. Uh huh. We shall see.

And my cousin with a lazy eye who has a bit of a gambling problem. She kept saying that she always knew I was smart and would do something great. Umm, ok. She’s about 10 years older then me and I always thought she didn’t like me so this was news to me! Her husband passed away 13 years ago and she got remarried to this new guy 9 years ago that I had never met. Her youngest kid is 23 already too! Her youngest child is a bmx rider and he jumped all of the younger kids while we watched yesterday too. I’m putting the video in:

My son is the 2nd one he jumped over. Scared me to death!

So the two cousins that are guys are cool. I didn’t really talk to the oldest one. I don’t know why, I just didn’t. The tall one that has 3 kids around my son’s age, lives in Dallas. My son said he liked meeting them. They are not into the same things but that’s okay. I told my son that it’s important to know your family and the oldest daughter told him our family tree is so huge and difficult that he wouldn’t want to make that. πŸ˜‚ When we went home, we watched The Hunger Games together and it was nice to spend some quality time with my son. He enjoyed it so much that he asked me to get the rest of the movies in the series. He read the first book but not the other 2. I told him he needs to. They are much better than the movies since the movies cut out so much and change some things.

I picked up my son’s friend at 8 am today so they can spend the day together. Now I’m at the tint place waiting for them to do my car. They have heat resistant tint now! It’s really cool! I put my hand in some box with a heat lamp in it and he put tint between my hand and the heat and it really works! So yes, I spent an extra $100 to get it. And of course it has a lifetime guarantee which is even better! They told me about an hour and a half until it’s ready which is fine. I’m just getting legal tint which is 30%. I don’t need it dark as hell with driving these elderly people around! Plus getting older, it’s getting harder for me to see at night anyway so I don’t need the car dark.

So that’s it. I keep thinking I must be boring people to death with all this! I guess not since I keep getting nominated for possibly fake awards! πŸ˜‚ Have a great day and if you go out shopping, PLEASE be careful!

3 thoughts on “Black Friday

  1. Lol “possibly fake awards”!! I think they are all fake but they’re still fun. I can’t believe he jumped over all the kids on his bmx bike–I would’ve been so scared if I was lying on the ground!!

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  2. “Friendsgiving” – I like this! 😁. Omg the jumps are frightening! But that’s some serious talent there πŸ‘πŸΌ. I can’t say that I would lie on the ground (I’m too chicken lol), but it is amazing to watch, and very cool so long as nobody gets hurt πŸ’—. I don’t go out on Black Friday either! Not ever. We pretty much stock up on groceries and gas and stuff beforehand, and then just ride out the whole weekend at home lol πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ’“

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