This should be a good day/night. I only work this morning with Styled (new name for Stinky) and Forgetful. My son and his friend are going to a birthday party at a laser tag place and then going to a movie while I relax after working. Then I will be nice by picking them up and taking them to the other kids house where my son will spend the night over there. So I get a quiet night too!

I wanted to share some pictures from when I was young. They will be after the entire post. My story: I am adopted. My biological mother was 16 when I was born and her parents made her give me up for adoption. She never even saw me. So my parents had been trying to have a child for over 5 years and they got to meet me when I was 2 days old at the adoption center and got to take me home when I was 9 days old. The adoption agency made them think about it for a week before letting them take me home and had to have a 6 month trial period before the court would make it complete. So technically I was theirs when I was 6 months old but I have been in the family all but 9 days of my life. I mean, they have had me since I was 9 days old! Crazy! Just tonight I found these dvds that my dad had made from old home movies. They are from my 1st and 3rd birthdays. All of my cousins are in them too. I wish my Dad had been in these videos but I know he was behind the camera and not on it. They just reminded me how lucky I am. A lot of kids don’t get the option of a caring family or even a home. I was a private school kid in elementary school and public school kid after that. I got to go to camp every summer and had friends over and had everything I needed given to me. Most of my family lives in Texas too so we are all pretty close together. They never made me feel like I wasn’t part of the family which is appreciated. I never felt like I fit in but that’s on me, not them. Side note, on Thanksgiving, my beautiful cousin asked if I dyed my hair this color and when I told her it was my natural color as I stopped dying my hair 2 years ago, she was amazed and said she could never do it. Her hair is just like mine but when she was young, she had white blond hair and she just can’t stand to not stay blond. I actually didn’t know she dyed her hair so I was in shock. She must get it done right before I see her every time! Coming down for a memorial service? Get the hair dyed. Holidays? Get the hair dyed. Cousin coming to visit? Definitely get the hair dyed! Lol So, this is my family. It’s not just me, my son, and my mother. It’s cousins galore and an uncle that I see a few times a year. He was supposed to teach my child golf too. I wonder what happened with that???

I also realized my posts have been getting shorter and shorter and all about work or my kid. Here’s a quick update on a couple things: My man is STILL in Arkansas and he is really good at making me want to smack him lately. Complaining like you wouldn’t believe yet keeps doing stupid stuff that makes him stuck there longer. I have spoken to BFF once on the phone and a couple of texts but not like we used to. If you’ve been reading and I didn’t touch on something that you want to know what happened, feel free to ask me about it!

Here ya go. It’s not TBT but oh well!

First year at campSecond year at camp – loving those braces! πŸ˜‚My Nanny lived in North Texas but I would spend summers with her and Dee, my step grandfather My Mimi is the one that left us the condo. This is when she gave me my first Astros shirt.My 5th Birthday I think?

Sleeping when I was 5. My Mom HATED that I sucked my thumb!

24 thoughts on “Today

  1. Your story is very interesting! I never knew someone who was adopted so I never heard stories about what it’s like!The pics are great too!
    Glad you spoke to your friend! Hopefully these are the first steps to fixing things!

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    1. I do wish I had it! I have no clue what happened to it. My parents probably threw it away when I got too big for it.
      Stinky has finally fixed her stink issue so I had asked for name ideas for her and decided on Styled since she goes every week to get her hair and nails done. πŸ˜€Thanks!

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