Back to school!

My son got an entire week off for Thanksgiving and has to go back to school today. He’s in denial about it too. He’s letting his alarm go off and not even turning it off. I can hear it from my room!

I’m going to get the title on the car changed this morning, yay! All I have today is Forgetful so I may as well get that done too. Did I ever tell you how the tint came out? It looks great! They have made so many new tinting developments since I got it on my last vehicle. Now they have a tint that rejects heat! It’s really nice having it on my car. I would have done a clear heat blocking one on my windshield but since I may have to replace the windshield in the next year or two I didn’t want to spend the money for that. The bad part is that I am not allowed to roll down my windows or wash them for another 2 days. It’s been 3 already. It’s driving me nuts! I don’t smoke in the car, I want to get the hot air out of the car so my a/c will work better. Yesterday I drove 2 miles before the air finally started getting cool. Yuck! That’s my next thing to work on. And yes, in most places north of the equator it’s winter but here yesterday it was 80 degrees.

So we are awake and getting ready to start moving around. My Mom said she is working today too but I think she just meant working around the house. I’ve been trying to see when she will be here or not so I can schedule my time accordingly. I’m not trying to avoid her necessarily. I do kind of miss being in my own place and not having to talk to people or get woken up by the laundry being started outside my bedroom! Okay, I am trying to avoid her just a little. At least she’s eating at home now! She seems to like the food I’m making. It’s disappearing.

Gotta get in the shower and get moving. Have a great day!

9 thoughts on “Back to school!

  1. We didn’t have Thanksgiving here, but Nicole had an in-service day on Wednesday and then was sick Thursday and Friday, and today is hell getting her up and out the door…She is late for school already. I do not know what I am going to do. I hate it when our routine is all messed up.

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  2. The tint looks nice! I didn’t know they had heat-blocking tint, that’s awesome! We’re prob gonna get it on our car this summer!

    It’s ok that you’re avoiding your mom lol and I think it’s cute that she likes your food!!!

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