Here we go!

So I’m starting up again trying to be a bit healthier. I am going to charge my Fitbit and wear it too so I can track exercise. I thought about asking for an Apple Watch for Christmas but I don’t know if I’d wear it since they are these big squares on your wrist. Plus I have a regular watch. So I don’t know.

I tracked my food for the first time in quite a few months yesterday. I only went over my goal calories by 400. LOL I am trying harder today. I am drinking more water too, my doctor would be VERY happy about that!

The reason for this change is because my good cholesterol was 4 points too low for my doctors liking. My bad cholesterol was a great number, now she just wants to raise the HDL a little. Plus I was a bit anemic. So, more exercise and eating more protein. On the plus side, even though I had an energy drink that morning before blood work, I am not even pre-diabetic! My sugar level was what she called “desirable”. And that’s after a sugary drink??? Hmmm… I’m not telling. ๐Ÿ˜‚

Work today: I took the husband of the couple to the bank and grocery store this morning. For the first time ever, there were not many people there! I was amazed. I told him we always need to come this early and he thinks it’s because of the holiday last week. We usually go in the afternoon so who’s right? Who knows!

I went to see Forgetful at lunch. She told me she wants to go see her doctor (we went week before last) and her step kids never visit her (they just saw her for Thanksgiving). I would hate to be in her position. I feel for her!

Now I’m at home to eat lunch, walk the dog, and pack up some food to go visit Cranky and have dinner with her. I have to talk to her today about letting her cat go live with someone else. He bit her again the other night, twice. I have a home for the cat, I just need to make Cranky understand why it’s happening before I let the girl take the cat home. I keep wondering if he’s doing it to make sure she’s alive but her son says no.

My son decided what he wants to do for his 13th birthday next summer. He wants to get a game bus to come over and let him and his friends play. It seems really cool. 6 huge tv screens, every game system, and most games. It can hold 28 kids so I think that sounds good. I can grill hotdogs and hamburgers outside the bus so if anyone gets hungry, there’s food too. Now I just need to figure out the date and time. Having a summer birthday is hard for parties since a lot of kids leave town during the summer.

Hope you have a great day. Chat soon!

26 thoughts on “Here we go!

  1. I’m not too big of a fan of how the Apple watches look either lol! I’m sad that Cranky has to get rid of her cat especially if she doesn’t want to. I wonder why it’s biting her and I hope the new home is better for the cat. I’m happy to hear that your sugar level is desirable and your bad cholesterol is also good!!
    I’ve also never heard of a Game Bus? That sounds SO awesome!!!

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  2. Great job getting back at it!! Your gonna do great. On another note my fit bit blaze is a huge box on my wrist even though it’s not from

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  3. That’s great you’re getting back on the health track!! I have high bad cholesterol genetically but my good cholesterol cancels it out:)
    Wow I need to make sure that my nephew never hears about that game bus! It sounds expensive and like every boy’s dream!

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  4. Hi Julie, I just got a Fitbit and I love it (when I remember to charge it lol)! It sets goals and you can also work out with the app. And it tells the time! x

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